The Junior Advanced Curling Program is a “stepping stone” to the Junior High Performance Program. It is an individual program for junior curlers wanting to train in a competitive and fun environment with the focus on developing skills, training and networking with other curlers at or above their skill level. This program is identical to the Jr. High Performance Program but with a less skill set/level. Most of the training will be on ice; however there will be some classroom instruction. Participants will receive sport science sessions in mental training, nutrition, and fitness and conditioning throughout the year. Athletes will receive instruction from qualified and certified instructors, coaches and consultants. “State of the art” technical equipment such as video analysis equipment, SMART broom and wireless speed traps will be used. During the curling season, the Athletes will receive 90-minutes of on-ice training sessions for 18-weeks. The curlers involved in this program have been selected from Junior ID Camps.

For more information, please contact Connie Laliberte at [email protected]