CurlManitoba and the Canadian Curling Association will present to the curlers who score an 8-ender the awards listed below:

CURLMANITOBA                                             8-ENDER CREST


To be eligible, the following criteria must be met:

  • The game must be played in an affiliated club
  • The game must be part of an organized curling event or league and use the CCA Rules of Play.  Novelty or pick-up games are not eligible.
  • Team personnel may consist of all male, all female or any combination of mixed team, provided all are members of an affiliated club.  All four members of the team must be affiliated with the Provincial Association.

To obtain the awards, please have the Secretary of the club of the team scoring the 8-Ender complete an 8-Ender Award Form (download it here) and send or fax it to the CurlManitoba Office.  CurlManitoba will then forward eligible entries to the Canadian Curling Association.