Youth High Performance Program Description and Skills Expectations – Winnipeg & Dauphin/Parkland

2024-2025 Season

Winnipeg – Held on Tuesdays from October to March at the Heather Curling Club from 8pm to 9:30pm.

Dauphin – TBD at Dauphin Curling Club

Cost – $588 with tax

The High-Performance Youth Program is dedicated to young curlers wanting to train in a competitive and fun environment with the focus on developing curling specific skills and training, networking with other curlers at or above their skill level, and an introduction to the sport science aspects of sport. The program provides a pathway for youth through U15, U18 and U21 categories before moving into package specific programming.

The weekly on-ice training sessions will include an emphasis on technical delivery and sweeping skills plus some focus on strategy, weight control and judgement, and shot making. This will be done by Competition Coach Trained and Competition Coach Certified instructors using technical equipment such as video analysis equipment, SMART Broom sweeping analysis, and wireless speed traps for weight control drills.

There will also be some opportunity for classroom instruction on curling related topics plus sport science sessions in mental training, nutrition, and fitness and conditioning with qualified and certified consultants.

The skills expected to be met for curlers to qualify for the HP Youth Program whether through an identification camp or through the Curl Manitoba Development program are as follows:

  • Consistent set-up routine.
  • Setting up reasonably square to the target.
  • A reasonably stable slide that includes the ability to maintain balance most of the time without a rock in hand.
  • The ability to have the rock somewhere between the creases of the armpits/shoulders in front of the body in the delivery position.
  • Understanding of turns.
  • Displays a minimum of 1.5 rotations on both turns.
  • Demonstrates the ability to generate hack speed to throw at least bumper weight.
  • Demonstrates the ability to draw a rock into play between hog line and back line.
  • Able to generate some speed and/or pressure on the broom head while sweeping.
  • Demonstrates some agility for proper sweeping footwork in open and/or closed stance sweeping.
  • Demonstrates an ability to keep up with the rock speed up to a control hit weight while sweeping.
  • Demonstrates respect in speaking with and listening to coaches and others.
  • Demonstrates willingness to implement feedback.



For more information, please contact Jill Officer at [email protected]