2020-21 Competitor Guide (Updated September 29)

2020-21 CurlManitoba Supplement to Curling Canada Rulebook (Updated September 29)

2020-21 CurlManitoba Rule Changes

2020-21 Curling Club Eligibility Rules

2020-21 Cresting Policy

2020-21 Draw Parameter – COMING THIS FALL

2020-21 Age Eligibilty


2020-21 Curling Canada Rules
 Residency Policy  – For a free agent exemption form, please click here.
Team Funding Policy – All National Events
Free Agent Policy 

Rules Committee

If you have a rule change that you would like to be implemented please click on the following link to download a copy of the rules submission form.

All proposed rules changes are reviewed by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee.

CurlManitoba rules are reviewed each year by the CurlManitoba Rules Committee. The Rules Comittee is an operational Committee of CurlManitoba. For a copy of the Committee’s Terms of Reference please click here.