High Performance Webinars

CurlManitoba will be hosting a number of webinars for coaches and athletes.  Each webinar focuses on a specific topic that will benefit coaches and curlers of all levels and abilities.  The webinars also provides participants with the opportunity to connect with other coaches and athletes across Canada.

Certified coaches will be able to receive Professional Development Credits towards their NCCP Maintenance of Certification.

To join, participants will need a computer with a reliable internet connection, a microphone and speakers or headphones.  Participants may be more comfortable with a computer screen, but a smartphone or tablet may be used.  Log in information will be sent upon registration.

For more information and to register please contact Connie Laliberte at [email protected] or telephone at 204-981-7217.

“Positive Self-Talk”

presented by Paige Zaporzan

When:  Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Time:  6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (CT)

Self-Talk is the way in which we talk to ourselves.  As humans, we have many thoughts throughout the day.  Some of these thoughts include positive thoughts, neutral thoughts, and negative thoughts.  It is important to understand how to turn the volume down on negative thoughts that are holding us back from reaching our optimal performing state and instead turn the volume up on positive thoughts that encourage us to feel confident in our performance.  In this webinar, you will learn simple yet effective tools to help manage thoughts to work for you versus against you, build confidence, and more

Cook & Chats on May 26th and June 16th, 2022

presented by Jorie Janzen, Sport Performance Dietitian

“A solid sport nutrition plan will not make average athletes elite. However, a poor nutrition plan can make elite athletes average.”

When:  Thursday, May 26th and/or June 16th

Time:  6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (CT)

Become savvy with sports nutrition by learning the science in a practical and hands-on yet virtual setting. During the Cook & Chat, Jorie a Sport Performance Dietitian will discuss topics such as:

  • What and when to eat and drink for exercise;
  • Nutrition and performance considerations when planning meals and snacks for training and competition;
  • Calcium alternatives;
  • Tips, tricks and hacks to fuel and nourish your busy lifestyle without creating obsession;
  • Supplements;
  • Omega 3 foods;
  • The importance of meeting your energy needs;
  • Hydration requirements and;
  • Sleep.

Each Cook & Chat will go beyond the basics of nutrition while keeping the “how to” practical and attainable in addition to making and sampling a few quick, easy and tasty recipes! YUM! There will also be some take-away recipes!

Please note that each Cook & Chat session is different. You do not have to attend the first Cook & Chat session to participate in the second one; however, it is recommended that you attend both sessions to receive full benefit. To participate, you must register separately for each session.

Jorie Janzen is not an ordinary dietitian. Her high energy, dedication, motivation and humor have allowed her to work with high performance athletes, corporate wellness and individuals, coaching them to go beyond survival mode to create a life of both success and significance. In addition to having an undergraduate degree in Sport Nutrition at the University of Manitoba, she also has a 2-year International Olympic Committee Diploma in this field as well. She is also a Life Coach and has recently completed Cornell University’s Women in Leadership Certificate and the Olympic Paralympic Sport Institute Network LEAD program driven by Own the Podium. Over the past 20 years Jorie has gained extensive experience working with provincial, national, Olympic/Paralympic level athletes, the NHL, CFL, RWB, Golf Canada. Jorie is a past president of the Sport Medicine and Science Council Manitoba Board, past co-chair of Dietitians of Canada Sport Nutrition Network, past provincial executive representative, and the founder and past-chair of the Manitoba Sport Nutrition Network Inc. She is also an online instructor with Niagara College. For the past 12 years, Jorie have been working with the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba as Director of Sport Dietetics – which includes being the Performance Nutrition Lead with Curling Canada, while maintaining a private practice.

Jorie whole-heartedly believes that when we take care of our health and well being, the outcome is high performance living!

“Being in the Zone”

presented by Paige Zaporzan

When:  Thursday, June 9th, 2022

Time:  6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (CT)

Athletes refer to “being in the zone” as a state in which an athlete is positively and fully connected to the present moment and the task at hand. There are many distractions that can prevent one from being focused and immersed in the present task at hand. Types of distractions can include both external and internal distractions; crowd watching, scouts, negative thoughts, the score/results, emotions, the other team etc. It is important to be aware of your distractions and how it is impacting your performance. Once you are aware of these distractions, putting into practice an action plan to redirect your focus back into the present moment and task at hand can help in furthering one’s performance.  In this webinar you will learn a quick yet effective strategy to help you mentally note and redirect your attention and focus back into the present moment so you can best read and react to what you need to do next in your performance

Paige Zaporzan is a Mental Performance Coach who works with various athletes and sport teams in areas of mental and emotional performance and is currently working with Sport MB in supporting Canada Games athletes. In addition, Paige works with the Canadian Mental Health Association coaching youth to adults with mild to moderate anxiety and depression. Paige holds a B.A. in Psychology, Holistic Health Coaching certification, and currently is completing of a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. Paige has a passion for working with athletes in areas of mental and emotional performance; best supporting athletes to further enhance one’s optimal performing state.