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The 2018 Canadian Stick Championships are being held April 2-5A� in St. Albert, Alberta.A� If you want to follow along use the above noted a�?linka�?A� -A� They are using the CurlCanada Results program and keep in mind it is built on CST time -A� there are 10 teams competing from Manitoba, A�fantastic folks!A� Other provinces are PEI, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC.A�A� Mark your calendars to see how Manitoba Teams are doing.

New league -A� See the a�?postera�? giving info on a New League at the Thistle Curling Club in WinnipegA� starting on Tuesdays this fall.A� A�Virginiaa��s contact info is vfavel@hotmail.comA� -A� please contact her if you are interested in joining or pass this info on if you know of someone looking for a place to play!


Bid Package a�� on this same page you will see the information needed if your club wishes to host the provincial championships at your club -A� check it out!


Alcoa Games -A� March 21, 2018 a�� Glenboro, Manitoba -A� there will be 16 teams participating in the first a�?2 Person Sticka�? Curling for the Alcoa GamesA� -A� good luck to all participants.A� We will do a follow up after these games to let folks know how things worked out.



Ernie Oliver Bonspiel -A� mark your calendars for September 26 and 27, 2018 A�-A� going to be a slight change -A� we are going to ask everyone to complete an application (which we will develop in the next few weeks and we will ask you to mail or email a copy to us to enter)A� -A� you will receive a return email or phone call upon receipt of your applicationA� – this way you will know immediately if you got in or are on the waiting list -A�A�A�A� you will still be able to pay upon arrival of first game!



Clinics for the fall!A� -A� right now we have had a couple of requests -A� nothing set in stone as yet but we will keep you posted.A� Possible September 25th at Thistle to start off new league!! Details will follow!