CurlManitoba seeking Umpires!

Are you are interested in umpiring at CurlManitoba Championships?

This is a volunteer position where CurlManitoba covers travel, accommodations and provides a daily honorarium of $60 to cover meals and incidental costs.  CurlManitoba will mentor any individual interested in becoming an umpire.

The majority of our Championships span a 5-6 day period usually between a Tuesday and a Monday.  Umpires are assigned to a Championship and are expected to be available for the duration.

For more information contact [email protected]

Curl Manitoba offers Officiating Certification programs on a regular basis. These courses are not only to develop officials but also to help curlers become more knowledgeable about the officiating system and the rules of the game.

For more information on becoming a curling official please contact Elaine Owen by email at [email protected] 

Click on the following for more information:

2023-24 Rule Changes

Umpire Guide

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