Regional Qualifiers and Berth Bonspiels:


CurlManitoba has set parameters for all qualifying draws as follows:

  • Back to Back games will be avoided whenever possible in the A Event
  • Back to Back to Back games may occur in the B Event
  • Berth Bonspiels
    • Double knock-out with a page playoff round
    • The number of qualifying teams will be determined by the number of entries

24 and under entries = 4 qualifiers

25 plus entries          = 6 qualifiers


CurlManitoba will endeavor to adhere to the policies outlined in this document; however, reserves the right to make modifications where unforeseen circumstances or conditions merit change.

Provincial Berths awarded through non-CurlManitoba Events

  1. Thistle Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
  2. Granite Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
  3. Brandon Senior Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
  4. Brandon Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
  5. Brandon Master Men’s Bonspiel with a Berth
  6. CTRS Berths
    • Women – 2 berths
    • Men – 3 berths
  7. Manitoba Curling Tour
    • Women – 1 berth
    • Men –  3 berths
  8. Manitoba Junior Curling Tour
    • Women – 1 berth
    • Men – 1 berth
  9. Larry Jones Classic
    • Women – 1 berth
    • Men – 1 berth

All Teams earning a berth awarded through the CTRS Point System, MCT, MJCT and Bonspiels with a Berth must pay for their competitor fees (if not already done) and a berth acceptance fee of $225.00 plus GST to be eligible for the Provincial Championship.  You can pay for both of these fees online at