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The Past Presidents’ Association, as its’ names indicates, is an Association formed to retain the interest in the game of curling among curlers who have been presidents of their respective clubs.  Any past president of a club affiliated with CurlManitoba is eligible for membership.  The Association was founded May 4th, 1928.

The objectives of the Association are to maintain interest and promote good fellowship in the game of curling and promote curling in the province of Manitoba. The activities consist of an annual dinner and general meeting in the spring and a golf tournament in early summer.  Any past presidents interested in joining the Association should contact the Secretary.

Officers (2016-17)

Past President
Bill Biehl

1st Vice President
Garry Parker



Garry Kaban

2nd Vice President
Ian Ferley

Rev. Fraser Muldrew

The Manitoba Ladies’ Past Presidents’ Curling Association, active since 1932, is and independent organization devoted to fostering the fellowship of curling.  Any Lady who is a past president of any worldwide curling club may become a member.  Many of our provincial clubs have a Past Presidents’ Association representative who encourages all past presidents to join, collects the annual membership fee and keeps members informed of upcoming events.

On the third Monday in November we have a fun bonspiel held in a curling club in Winnipeg.  Some members who are no longer curling enjoy coming out to renew friendships, join the curlers for lunch and cheer on the bonspiel participants.  We encourage any recent past presidents of any club in Manitoba or if you have moved here from another part of the world you would be welcome to come out for the day to enjoy curling and a day of fellowship.  Two trophies are awarded:  The Whalley Trophy donated by the Whalley family in memory of Mona Whalley and the Esther Poulton Shield administered by the Winnipeg Foundation in memory of Esther Susan Poulton.An annual luncheon is held on the first Monday in May at Assiniboia Downs.  This is a very popular event and provides another great opportunity to renew old friendships and to meet and make new friends. If you are interested in joining or have any questions regarding our Association, please contact the Curl Manitoba office for further information or one of the executive members.

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Officers (2016-17)

Past President


Vice President

2nd Vice President





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