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Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum Names MOST NOTABLE 150 TEAMS – Invites Public Participation in Ranking the TOP 25

In recognition of Manitoba’s 150th Anniversary, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum (MCHoF&M) has named what it is calling the Most Notable 150 Teams in Manitoba’s long and storied curling history. The list has been published on the CurlManitoba website ( and is attached herewith. CLICK HERE to read the full article.


2022-23 Hall of Fame Inductees

2021-22 Hall of Fame Inductees


Ryan Fry

Carolyn Darbyshire

Keith Fenton

Jeff Ryan


Judy Brown


2001 & 2002 Canadian Senior Champion Teams – skipped by Gary Ross (Gary Ross, Winston Warren, Gary Smith, and Ken Orr) & Carl German (Carl German, Ray Fillion, Brian Copeland, Ray McDougall) respectively

2001 & 2002 Canadian Masters Champion Teams – skipped by Barry Fry (Barry Fry, Don Duguid, Winston Warren, Barry Coleman) and Ken Grove ((Ken Grove/Orest Meleschuk, John Usackis, Bob Lesko, Richard Schroeder) respectively


2020-21 There were no inductions due to Covid


2019-20 Hall Of Fame Inductees

Inductee Introductions


Vic Peters

Chris Neufeld

Karen Purdy


 2011 Team Jeff Stoughton

Skip – Jeff Stoughton

Third – Jon Mead

Second – Reid Carruthers

Lead – Steve Gould


1984 Team Darcy Kirkness

Skip – Darcy Kirkness (Robertson)

Third – Barb Kirkness (Spencer)

Second – Janet Harvey

Lead – Barb Fetch (Mehling)


Ernie Oliver

Resby Coutts



The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum was established in 1987 to ….. procure, preserve and promote the rich history of curling in Manitoba and to honour the outstanding accomplishments of curlers, builders, curler/builders and teams.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum By-Laws.

The Manitoba Curling Museum collection includes an estimated 40,000 artifacts, documents and historical images and is considered one of the most extensive curling collections in the world. Since the first induction ceremony in 1987, the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame has honoured 53 of the great teams in Manitoba curling history along with 63 individual curlers, 44 builders of our sport, and 20 individuals whose credentials have been equally impressive both as competitors and as builders.

The Directors for 2020-2021 are:

President Peter Nicholls
Vice-President Resby Coutts
Past-President Bill Biehl
Curator/Director Heather Helston
Finance/Banquet Chair Sharon Thiessen-Woods
Secretary Jamie Snydal
CurlManitoba Rep Lynn Fallis-Kurz
Director Carlene Strand
Director  Kyle Doering
Director Kim Barenz

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum Inc. is recognized as a charitable organization by Canada Revenue Agency. Donations are tax deductible.

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Manitoba Curling’s VIRTUAL MUSEUM:

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum Inc. (MCHF&M) is undertaking development of a VIRTUAL CURLING MUSEUM, an on-line display of the vast collection of Manitoba curling artifacts and images in its possession.

After being launched at the 2016 Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame Induction ceremonies, contributions of nearly $10,000 have been received from curlers and curling fans. To date 41 personal contributions (averaging $165) and two corporate donations (averaging $575) have been recorded.

The next stage of fund-raising, in the form of a corporate campaign, will begin in 2017.

Establishment of Canada’s first on-line curling museum will

  • Digitize the collection
  • Inventory/catalogue the collection
  • Provide on-line historical curling information
  • Provide visual images of the museum’s collection

The opportunity for people to view the remarkable collection which has been accumulated over the last three decades is a driving force for the Board and volunteers. That’s the opportunity which the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum hopes to create through the development of its VIRTUAL CURLING MUSEUM.

Development of the on-line presence will also allow MCHF&M to pay suitable tribute to the honoured members of Manitoba’s Curling Hall of Fame through an appropriate listing as well as by linking the names of honoured athletes to archived photos from their playing days and to related artifacts.

Contributions may be made by mail c/o CurlManitoba, 309-145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6 Cheques should be issued to Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum (with Virtual Museum on the memo line). Credit card payments can also be authorized by calling 204-925-5723. As a Canada Revenue Agency authorized charity, the donation is fully tax deductible.

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Hall of Fame Inductees

Following are links for a complete list of Hall of Fame Inductees by Induction Year and also in Alphabetical order.

Click here for a chart of all Hall of Fame inductees in Induction Year order.

Click here for a list of all Hall of Fame inductees in Alphabetical Order

Inductee Accomplishments

OLYMPIC CURLER – Kaitlyn Lawes

For 2019, a new category (OLYMPIC CURLER) has been established to recognize the Olympic Mixed Doubles gold medal accomplishment of Kaitlyn Lawes. In the future, any Manitoba curler who competes at the Olympics will be automatically considered for induction in the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.

While Lawes is a ‘sure-bet’ future inductee in the individual curler category, it is appropriate to recognize her gold medal achievement now as she became the first curler to win consecutive gold medals and with her partner John Morris, she became the first to win two Olympic curling gold medals. Lawes has already been inducted into the Hall of Fame with the Jennifer Jones team and Paralympian Dennis Thiessen for their medal performances at the 2014 Olympics & Paralympics.

CURLER – Rob Meakin

Rob Meakin won a world championship in 1995 in Brandon, playing second for Kerry Burtnyk. Meakin is a four time Manitoba champion. In 1988, as second for Jeff Stoughton, he won a Canadian Mixed title. They returned to defend the title in 1989 finishing second. Meakin’s Brier record is identical – a championship with Burtnyk in 1995 and a finalist finish in 2001. He was previously inducted in the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame with both the 1988 Stoughton and 1995 Burtnyk teams.


Garry DeBlonde’s induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as a Curler-Builder recognizes competitive success with Manitoba championships in Mixed, Men’s and Senior Men’s play. At the same time, it recognizes his role in teaching the game to others. He is a four-time Manitoba Mixed champion with Ernie Boushy consecutively from 1964 to 1967 with Canadian titles in ’64 and ’66. He won the Manitoba Men’s in 1976 (with Clare DeBlonde) and in 1980 (with Earle Morris) and was a Brier finalist in 1976. He won the Manitoba Senior Men’s in 1998 (again with Clare DeBlonde) and again had a runner-up finish at Nationals. In addition to his competitive career, Garry was a Curl Canada National Course Instructor (1975-80), Manitoba’s Curl Canada Coordinator (1978-80), the CCA’s National Technical Director (1980-86 and 1988-90), Calgary Olympic Team Program Coordinator (1986-88) & Canada Olympic Team Coach/Manager (1988). He is an Honorary Life Member of the Heather Curling Club and Manitoba Curling Association (1986) as well as being previously inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame with the Ernie Boushy Mixed team.

BUILDER – Isla Hagborg

Isla Hagborg was President of the Manitoba Ladies Curling Association in 1988-89. Prior to her service to the MLCA, which began in 1981, she had been a dedicated club volunteer as well as a junior curling and district-level organizer. During her time on the MLCA executive, while representing Manitoba at the Canadian level, she was directly involved in the movement to amalgamate the CLCA and CCA. After her time on the MLCA Board, she served as Chair of the Winnipeg Board of Directors for the 1991 World Curling Championships. Isla Hagborg is an Honorary Life Member of the Warren Curling Club (1988) and of the MLCA (1990).


(Note: prior to 1988, there was no World Junior Women`s championship – the Canadian championship was the highest possible level of competitive achievement)

In 1974, Patti Vande joined the two-time defending provincial junior women`s champion team of Chris (skip) & Cathy (third) Pidzarko and Barb Rudolph. They qualified for the provincials by winning the Christmas bonspiel`s main event and were a perfect 5-0 at the provincial championship. They posted a 9-1 record in winning the national junior women`s title.

Chris Scalena and Patti Wuthrich were both inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as individual curlers in 1994. All of the team members have been previously inducted with other teams – Chris with Connie Laliberte’s1984 Women’s World Champion team (1995); Chris, Cathy and Barb with Chris’s1972 Junior Women team (2003); Cathy and Chris with Cathy’s 1978 Women’s team (2014)


(Note: prior to 1988, there was no World Junior Women`s championship – the Canadian championship was the highest possible level of competitive achievement)

In 1981, Karen Fallis, Karen Tresoor, Caroline Hunter, and Lynn Fallis won the main event of the Christmas Junior Women’s Bonspiel. With a changed provincial format since the Pidzarko ’74 win, the Fallis team won the A-side final but lost a B-side semi-final. They rebounded to win the A-B final game and the provincial title. At the nationals, an 8-2 round robin record earned a first place tie with Ontario. Manitoban defeated Ontario in a playoff game to win the Canadian Championship.

Karen and Lynn Fallis were previously inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as individual curlers (2007) and as members of the Jeff  Stoughton 1988-’89-’91 Mixed team.

BUILDER – Cindy Maddock

Cindy’s impressive resume of curling leadership includes club leadership, championship event leadership, provincial leadership, and national leadership.

She was Vice President and President of the Morden Ladies Curling Club in the late 1980’s.

She was involved with the host committees for a Labatt Tankard, a Safeway Select, a Provincial Masters and a Manitoba Scotties between 1988 and 2003.

From the late ‘90’s as an MLCA district chair, she became a regional director of the amalgamated MCA in 2000 and then served for a decade as regional director, management committee member, and ultimately Vice President and President in 2009 and 2010.

Not content to rest there, Cindy was elected to the Board of Governors of Curling Canada and went on to serve a five year term – continuing Manitoba’s tradition of providing leadership at the national level. In each year of her national term, Cindy served as member or chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. She served on numerous other committees and was a member of a Constitution Review Committee which contributed to a significant re-write of the Curling Canada By-Laws in 2017.

In 2012, Cindy Maddock was made an Honourary Life Member of CurlManitoba and now, in 2018, she is being inducted as a Builder of our Sport into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.

CURLERS –  Jennifer Jones and Jill Officer

Jennifer and Jill are already Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame members with the 2014 Olympic Gold Medal winning team – but as is Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame policy, individuals are recognized in addition to teams.

Jennifer and Jill achieved a new level of accomplishment this year with their sixth national Scotties championship – but their induction this year was planned before that record-tying championship.  Together they won two Manitoba and a Canadian Junior Championships, compiled seven Manitoba Scotties titles and six Canadian titles &, including this year, they have appeared in 12 of the past 14 national championships as Team Manitoba OR Team Canada.  In those 12 events they have earned 6 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals.

And together their collection of international medals includes a world gold, silver and bronze plus that 2014 Olympic Gold Medal.

Coincidentally, they have both won two additional Manitoba titles  – Jennifer a juniors and a Scotties…..Jill a pair of Mixed titles.

And none of that speaks to their accomplishments on the World Curling Tour and the Grand Slam Series.

Truly these two are among the most accomplished in the history of Manitoba curling and clearly merit individual induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame… go along with the team induction of that 2014 Olympic Champion team.

CURLER – Peter Nicholls

Peter made his first provincial appearance  over 40 years ago. In 1977, he reaching the junior semifinals with Jeff Tipping and they reached the junior final the next year.  Including this year’s provincial Seniors, Peter has made 38 provincial appearances with 24 of them in the men’s championship.  Along with that 1978 junior final, he has been the provincial finalist twice at the men’s level and three more times, including the last two years, at the seniors level.

That makes a total of ten provincial finals – because Peter Nicholls has also won four Manitoba championships.  He was third for Dave Smith when they won Manitoba’s Labatt Tankard and then went 9-2 at the 1994 Brier before losing a semifinal to Russ Howard.  He was at second for Dean Dunstone when they won the Manitoba Mixed in 2017 and with it the right to compete in the Canadian Mixed last November in Swan River.  Peter was also second for Randy Neufeld when they won the 2015 & 2016 Manitoba Seniors. That team captured the 2015 Canadian Senior title, the 2016 Canadian Silver Medal and the 2016 World Seniors Silver Medal. As noted earlier, they have lost the Manitoba final each of the last two years as well.

TEAM – Norm Houck 1987 Canadian Senior Champion team
from Elmwood.

Norm Houck, Henry Kroeger, Sam Doherty, and Doug McCartney appeared together in three Strathcona Senior Championships and posted a record of 18 wins and 4 losses in winning back to back titles in 1986 and 1987. AND they won the Canadian title in their second try.

Norm Houck had been a Strathcona club member and Manitoba men`s champion in earlier times so it was fitting that a Strathcona champion would be the first to win the Strathcona Seniors in the first year of that sponsorship.

Norm Houck and Henry Kroeger are already twice Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame inductees. In 2007 their 1990-91 Senior Champion team was inducted. In 1990 Houck was honoured for individual accomplishments AND in 2003 Kroeger was likewise honoured.

Sam Doherty represented his teammates at the announcement, all three of whom are deceased.

TEAM: Hal Tanasichuk 1977 Canadian Mixed Champion team
from Civic Caledonian.

Hal Tanasichuk, Rose Tanasichuk, Jim Kirkness and Debbie Jones-Walker, who appears in the record books as Debbie Orr, made only two appearances in the Manitoba Mixed as a team – they won one and compiled an 11 wins, 4 losses record in the Manitoba championships. In winning the 1977 Canadian Mixed, their record was 11 wins and a single loss… impressive 22-5 record in Manitoba and Canadian play.

Debbie Jones-Walker was inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in 2010 and Hal Tanasichuk was honoured in 2006…both as individuals.

Builder – Alex Mowat

Alex Mowat began his curling as a youngt teenager at the Elmwood Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba and has curled at this historic Institution continuously for 58 years.  At the Elmwood he has worked on the club executive; holdog positions of juniro chairman, secretary, vice president, president and curling school instructor (for 28 years).  He is an Honourary Life Member of the Elmwood (2001).

Provincially he has been an M.C.A. Council member (1978 – 1984).  From this association he was Chairman of the Junior Christmas Bonspiel and Canada Winter Games Manitoba Playdowns.

Volunteering at national and world events, Alex has been involved in all Winnipeg endeavors; especially on the committees of the 1978 and 1991 Silver Brooms.

Alex Mowat’s coaching skills are known workdwide.  He is a Level 3 curling instructor, national course conductor and provincial Curling Canada co-ordinator.

Beginning in 2005, he had a long term relationship with the Kaitlyn Lawes teams.  In 2005 he coached her team when they won the Manitoba U16 Youth Jamboree.  Her winning ways continued until 2008 when her team won the Manitoba and Canadian Junior Women’s titles, and secured a bronze medal at the Junior Women’s Worlds.  Alex coached the Lawes teams at all these events!

Other junior teams who have benefitted from his expertise and guidance include Jeff Tipping (1977-1978), Brandy Davis (1993), Shannon Gautier (1994-1995), Scott Cripps (1995), Kyle Werenich (1996), Brent Baschuk (2000-2001), Brad Haight (2000), Reid Carruthers (2002-2004), Jim coleman (2008-2009) and David Kraichy (2010).

For his dedication to coaching anf education of curlers, Alex has accumulated many honours both provincially and nationally.  A few of these include the M.C.A. Coaching Excellence Award in both junior men’s (2009) and junior women’s (2007), C.C.A. Coaching Excellence Award in both junior men’s (2003) and junior women’s (2008) and C.C.A. Curling Instructor of the Year Award (1094 & 1985). He is an Honourary Life Member of the M.C.A. (1989).

He is being inducted in the Builder Category but he is also a distinguished competitive curler!  He has participated in provincial playdowns eight time – 6 in the men’s and 2 in the mixwd.  In MCA Bonspiels, he has been successful three times – winning the Hudson’s Bay Event in 1980, the Investors Group Trophy in 1991 and the Keystone Ford Event in 1999.

Builder – Edna June McTavish

June McTavish is someone with a very special and legendary status.  She rarely, if ever, particpated in an on-ice game of curling and seldom could be seen throwing a rock.  Yet, she may have encouraged hundreds of young men and women to try the sport and become successful regular and perhaps competitive curlers.

In 1952 she started the “Bide a Wee” mixed curling league with seven teams.  By 1964 she league had become so large she had to include draws at the Ft. Garry, Eaton and Granite Curling Clubs.  The team total by then had reached 54!  By 1967, the league grew to 97 and ice was included at the Elmwood, Rossmere and Thistle clubs.

From 1952 to the mid 1980’s, June worked tirelessly as the “Bide a Wee” grew to become the largest mixed league in the province and perhaps the world.

She was a co-ordinator, recruiter, organizer, secretary, treasurer and drawmaster.  Above all she was known as a friend.  She greeted all new members at the door, introduced them to new friends and encouraged them to become part of the club.  June emphasized that a friendly atmosphere be maintained and balanced the teams to make that happen.  Her annual yearbooks included rules, draws, ice locations, roster lists, point allotments, bye teams and extensive spare lists.

Annual bonspiels, golf tournaments, championship playoffs amd banquets were all part of “Bide a Wee”.

Above all, June McTavish encouraged club members to follow the “Bide a Wee” them to “Stay Awhile” and enjoy after game fellowship.  Mixed curling was initially considered a social sport.  “Bide a Wee” Saturday nights at the Heather and Granite clubs are remembered with great nostalgia by many Winnipegers!  Manitoba curlers who might have enjoyed the “Bide a Wee” memories are Peter Nichols, Kent Morgan, Al Sharpe, Al Macatavish, Clarice Fitzpartick and Howard Restall.

Curler – Linda Van Daele

Linda Van Daele started to curl at age 10 in a two-sheet natural ice rink in Deleau, Manitoba.  Her father worked at making ice where he and her mother curled.  She therefore spent a great deal of time at the local rink and soon developed a love for the sport.  In a small town, at school noon hours, the choice was skate or curl.

Linda did not league curl until she was 25 years old.  She has curled at the Riverview, Brandon and Wheat City clubs in Brandon.  In organized competitive curling, she has appeared at provincial and Canadian competitions 36 times! – 8 women’s, 16 senior women’s, 8 masters women’s and 4 mixed.

In women’s provincial play she was a finalist in 2002, winning 8 games and losing 2; and voted all-star skip!  Most of her success has developed after she bacame eligibla for senior competition.

In senior women’s play, she skipped teams to Manitoba championships in 2001, 2005 and 2010; and was runner-up in 2002, 2004, 2008 and 2009.  In 2001 at the Canadian Women’s Senior Championship, Linda’s team finished with a 9 and 3 record.

In masters women’s championships, curling third for Joyce McDougal’s Brandon team, she was Manitoba Champion in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and a Canadian Masters Women’s Champion in 2011.  This winning team consisted of Joyce McDougal, third Linda Van Daele, second Cheryl Orr and lead Karen Dunbar.  The 2011 Canadaian event was hosted by the Assiniboine Memorial CC in Winnnipeg.

As a bonspieler, Linda has won the Brandon Ladies Keystone Klassic (1999) and the Great Canadian Travel Senior Women’s Bonspiel twice (2002 and 2004).

We must also note that Linda has contributed to the sport as a volunteer teacher and organizer; working at initiating and assisting with youth programs as well as helping run clubs in Brandon.  The city of Brandon has hosted events that have included Worlds, Scott Tournament of Hearts, Skins Games, Briers and provincial men, seniors ans ladies championships.  Linda was a volunteer at all of these events, primarily acting in the score keeping capacity.

Team – 1973 Bill McTavish Canadian Senior Men’s Champions

The team consisted of Dr. Bill McTavish, third Norm McLean, second John McLean and lead Harry Sulkers.  In 1973 they curled out of the Elmwood Curling Club in Winnipeg.

The McTavish team competed together with lineups unaltered in senior men’s competitive play for seven years from 1972 to 1978.

They appeared in the Manitoba playdowns 6 times – winning 2 provincial championships (1973 and 1974).  At the Seagram’s Canadian Senior Men’s Championships in Sudbury (1973) they had a win/loss record of 9 wins and 2 losses – finishing in first place.  In St. John, New Brunswick (1974), they finished in a third place tie with 6 wins and 4 losses.

In bonspiels they won the McDiarmid Lumber Senior Men’s twice (1972 and 1974).

Team – 1986 Hugh McFadyen Canadian Junior Men’s Champions

The team consisted of Hugh McFadyen, third Jonathan Mead, second Norm Gould and lead John Lange.  They curled out of the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club in Winnipeg.

The Hugh McFadyen team became the third junior men’s team to curl out of the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club and win the Manitoba and Canadian junior championships.  In 1986, the team was undefeated in provincial and Canadian championship play.  At the Victoria Curling Club in Winnipeg, they had a 7 win and no loss record.  In Red Deer, Alberta, at the Pepsi-Cola Canadian Curling Championships, their record was 12 wins and no losses.

The following year (1987) at Victoria, BC, they were finalists at the Uniroyal World Junior Men’s Championship with a record of 9 wins and 2 losses.

At the Canadian Championship in 1986, Hugh McFadyen was the all-star skip and Jon Mead was the all-star third and won the Sportsmanship Award.  Again at the Worlds in 1987, Jon was the all-star third and won the Sportsmanship Award!

Team – 2015 Braden Calvert World Junior Men’s Champions

The team consisted of Braden Calvert, third Kyle Kurz, second Lucas Van Den Bosch and lead Brendan Wilson.  They curled out of the Deer Lodge Curling Club in Winnipeg.

The team won two consecutive Manitoba provincial junior men’s titles (2014 and 2015), two Canadian junior men’s titles (2014 and 2015) and a World gold medal in 2015!

In 2014, the Manitoba championship was won with 8 wins and 2 losses.  At the M&M Meat Shops Canadian Juniors they were champions with 10 wins and 1 loss.  The Worlds they finished in fourth place with 6 wins and 4 losses.

In 2015, they retained thier national title by defeating Saskatchewan 8 – 6.  They won the gold medal in Tallin, Estonia with 10 wins and 1 loss, beating the defending champions from Switzerland.

In 2015, the Canadian junior men’s first all-star team included Kyle Kurz (third) and Lucas Van Den Bosch (second).  The second all-star team included Braden Calvert (skip) and Brendan Wilson (lead).

Curler/Builder – Bob Boughey

Bob Boughey began curling in the 1960/61 season with the Fort Rouge juniors.  In 1984, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Fort Rouge and has worked tirelessly on their executive and participated in all their endeavors.  As club rep to the Manitoba Curling Association, he was on major committees – the inaurgural Safeway Select and the Green Vally Junior Men’s.  He was president of the “Rouge” in the 1993/94 season and received a club Honorary Life Membership in 1999.

In 1991, Bob was involved with the Winnipeg World as a co-chair of a committee involved with the Hogline Inn.  At the 1998 Brier, he assisted the Past President’s Association’s 50/50 ticket sales program.  In 2003, Bob chaired the transportation sector as part of Hosting Committee.  During the 2008 Brier, he was in charge of arena, ice and rockas as part of the Facilities Committee.

Bob has worked as part of the Cec Watt Junior Challenge Committee.  They promote competition between Junior Curling Clubs.  Most recently, Bob accepted a nomination to the Board of Trustees of the Strathcona Trust.  This group supports seniot curling championships in Manitoba.

As a certified coach, Bob has worked at the CurlManitoba High Performance Centre and has coached the Connie Laliberte and Ron Westcott teams.

Other than this impressive volunteer record, Bob has a long curling resume.  In short, he has appeared 36 times provincially and 5 times nationally at juniors, men’s, senior and masters competitions.  He has curled with a long list of well recognized Manitoba skips that include Bill Walsh Jr., Don Wiles, Terry Bronstein, Don Nelson, Dave Hardy, Ron Westcott, Reg Malanchuk, Doug Harrison and Clare deBlonde.

High points of his career occurred in 2015.  Curling second on the Ron Westcott team, he won the Manitoba Masters Championship and the Canadian title in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Teammates were Ron, Ken Dusablon and Howard Restall.  In the event, they were flawless with a record of 11 wins and no losses.

Other notable on-ice accomplishments include two Manitoba Bonspiel Grand Aggregate trophies (1974, 1977); winner of the McDiarmid Lumber Senior Bonspiel twice (2002, 2005) and winner of the Masters Chicken Chef Bonspiel three times (2009, 2011, 2015).

Bob was made an Honorary Life Member of the Manitoba Curling Association in 2006.

Curler – Karen Dunbar

Karen Dunbar began her curling career in Souris, Manitoba, in 1972.  Since that time, as well as developing a successful curling career, she has assisted the Souris Curling Club in many ways.  She has held positions such as secretary-treasurer, district representative, club president, junior curling co-ordinator, organizer of after school programmes as well as being bonspiel chair several times.  She has given countless volunteer hours to her sport.

Her impressive curling record includes 24 appearances in Manitoba Women’s, Senior Women’s, Master Women’s and Mixed Championships.  At Canadian Championships, she has appeared 8 times.

In the 1975 and 1976 seasons, her curling career successfully started when she curled with the Joan Mogk team from Souris.  This team of Joan Mogk, Jean Moffatt, Betty Devins and Karen earned consecutive Lassie Provincial titles, finishing fourth and fifth at the subsequent national events.

Besides her success as a skip, Karen has curled on teams skipped by Deb Collyer, Donna Quinn, Gwen Wooley and Joyce McDougall.  She has represented Souris, Killarney and Brandon area clubs.

Many of her successes have resulted from her association with the Joyce McDougall team.  They have won three Senior Women’s Manitoba titles and three Master’s Women’s Manitoba titles.  In 2011, they won the Canadian Master’s Women’s Championship.  The team consisted of Joyce McDougall (skip), Linda Van Daele (third), Cheryl Orr (second) and Karen at lead position.

She has appeared at two provincial mixed competitions with the Bill Scott team (1980) and the Colin Dunbar team (1998), both representing Souris.

As well, she has coached the Rob Van Kommer team from Carberry at the 2012 Safeway Championship.

Builder – Audrey Hogg

Audrey Hogg is a lifelong resident and curler from Warren, Manitoba.  She has been a member and supporter of the Warren Ladies Curling Club for many years and for her service was awarded a Life Membership in 1982.  She has demonstrated her love for the sport of curling through volunteerism.  As a hard working volunteer her talents have been described as dedicated, reliable, efficient, enthusiastic and thorough.

Audrey worked with the Manitoba Ladies Curling Association from 1989/90 until her presidency in 1996/97.  In this eight year span she chaired several committees.  These include: Senior Ladies Bonspiel, Manitoba Ladies curling Association Bonspiel, Pepsi Junior Championship, Scot Tournament of Hearts and Management and Finance.

National and International events have been hosted in Manitoba.  Major championships were Briers and Worlds held in 1991, 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2014.  Audrey has been a volunteer on all of these occasions and spent countless hours on committees involved in hosting and timing.  She has been an umpire and timer at bonapiels as well as a provincial, national and worl events.

Boards and organizations have benefited from her expertise.  She was liaison to the Canadian Junior Championships held in Truro, NS, liaison to the Brandon Olympic Trials, consultant to the MCA Scholarship Committee; board member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame, the MCA Foundation, the Lumsdon Award Committee and the Manitoba Ladies Past Presidents Curling Association.

She was a technical support person for the Canadian Special Olympics Curling held in Stonewall (2005) and was a coordinator for two U.S./Canada Friendship Tours (2005, 2009).

Audrey is an Honorary Life Member of the Manitoba Ladies Curling Association (1998).

Curler – Ron Westcott

From small beginnings in a two sheet natural ice building in Douglas, Manitoba, Ron’s curling career has grown to include 42 Manitoba champpionship appearances, 5 Canadian championship appesrsnce and 1 World appeaarance.

As well as skipping successful, Ron has curled with a list of notable Manitobans which include Hersh Lerner, Terry Bronstein, Orest Meleschuk, Garry Ross, Barry Fry, Don Duguid, Mark Franklin, Dave Romano and Don Wiles.

Competitively he has been the most successful in the Masters men’s events.  He has been in 8 provincial championships and has won 4.  Subsequently in 2010 he reached the Canadian Masters final and in 2015, his team won the Canadian Masters Championship.  At this 2015 championship in Whitehorse, Yukon, his team of Ken Dusablon, Bib Boughey and Howard Restall won the preliminary round with 9 wins and no losses.  In the semi-final they defeated British Columbia and were successful against Northern Ontario with a score of 6 – 3 in teh final.  They were proud to win with an 11 win and no loss record!  special at this event was the attendance of Ron’s mother at the age of 104!

Ron was fortunate to replace Carl German as the skip of the 2002 Canadian Senior championship team.  Carl was ineligible because of a World age restriction.  The team included third Ray Fillion, second Ray McDougall, and lead Brian Copeland.  They lost the final and proundly returned home with silver medals.

Rewarding coaching experiences include working with the Jill Thurston Scott Tournament of Hearts provincial championship team in 2010, the Barb Spencer team (2013 and 2014) and the Kristy McDoanld team (2015).

Ron’s teams have won the McDiarmid Senior Men’s bonspiel twice (2002, 2005) and the Chicken Chef Masters Men’s bonspiel three times (2010, 2011, 2015).  In Manitoba bonspiels he has won several trohies, includin the Grand Aggregate (1971) – curling third on the Terry Braunstein team.

Team – 2015 Lois Fowler Senior Women’s World Championship Team

Team members: Lois Fowler – skip; Maureen Bonar – third; Cathy Gauthier – second; Allyson Stewart – lead; Brian Fowler – coach.

In 2014, these four excellent curlers formed a team to pursue supremacy at the senior women’s level.  After years of practise and hard work as well as hours of volunteering, the final result was the “experience of a lifetime”.

In Brandon, at the provincial senior women’s playdown, the Fowler team was flawless.  In their home town, they completed the round robin undefeated with seven wins and no losses.  The Canadian Championship was held in Yellolwknife in March of 2015.  At this event, they finished the round robin with ten wins and one loss.  In the final against Lorraine Arguin’s Saskatchewan team, they were tied after seven ends but counted three on the eighth, stole one in the ninth and finally won the game 5 – 1.  This was only the second Canadian Senior Women’s Championship to come back to Manitoba!  In 1983 Mabel Mitchell’s Brandon team wom Canada.

The World Championship was held in Sochi, Russia.  The Fowler Canadian foursome continued their supremacy by finishing second in their round robin pool with four wins and one loss. Then by accumulating four straight wins in the playoffs, they won the gold medal!


Team – 1947 Western Canada High School Curling Championship Team

Team Members: Don Montgomery – skip; Reg Freeman – third; Doug Kitson – second; Keith Sinclair – lead.

This team represented the small village of Franklin, Manitoba in the 1946 Manitoba High School Bonspiel held during the Christmas school break in Winnipeg.

In the new year (1947) the first Provincial High School Championship was played.

This championship involved the 8 finalist teams from the High School Bonspiel.  The Montgomery team, all being only 15 years old, was one of the youngest competing teams! In the bonspiel they had lost the final in the Dan davidson event.  The provincial championship was a straight knockout event.  In the final, Don Montgomery had to play a draw against an opposing counter to win the Manitoba Championship.

This win advanced the young team to the first Western Canada Interprovincial High School Championship.  The event was played in Regina, Saskatchewan and involved teams representing Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  It was a double round robin format.  The Montgomery team record was 3 wins and 1 loss.  With this record they won the Victor Sifton Trophy emblematic of Western Canada high school curling supremacy.

Winning this championship was an unforgettable experience for these four young men and a great honour for Manitoba to win the inaugural event.

Team – 1948 Western Canada High School Curling Championship Team

Team Members: Stan Gowling – skip; Norman Stewart – third; Ross Topley – second; Jack Borthwick – lead.

In 1947, 185 teams competed in the youth curling classic between Christmas and New Years.  Three quarters of the Gowling team representing Morden High School had competed in the event the previous year and lost in the sem-finals to the Don Montgomery team from Franklin, Manitoba.  Subsequently the Montgomery team went on to win the Canadian High School Championship in 1947.  Ross Topley was a new member of the Gowling Team.  All four bonspiel trophies went to teams from rural Manitoba; Morden, Transcona and two to Reston.

In the 1947 bonspiel, the Gowling team lost their opening game; but from there they were unbeaten and won the second event and the Tribune Trophy.  By reaching the finals, they joined seven other trophy finalists in an eight team straight knockout Provincial Chamoionship at the Granite Curling Club.  At the Provincial Championship, the young Gowling team defeated the High School Bonspiel winner, Bill Ferguson of Transcona, in the final.  Their record in this event was three wins and no losses.

The Western Canada Inter-Provincial High Schools Championship was hosted in Winnipeg as part of the MCA’s Diamond Jubilee (1948).  The event was held at the Winnipeg Ampitheatre with five provinces competing; Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Lakehead and Manitoba.  The Gowling team lost their opening game to Alberta but went on to win four in a row including the crucial final round robin match with previously unbeaten Saskatchewan.  This final win set up a sudden death playoff with a rematch against Saskatchewan.  The Gowling foursome posted a 10 – 5 victory in eleven ends and claimed the Victor Sifton Trophy emblematic of the Western Canada High Schools Championship.  This was the second championship in a row for Manitoba high school boy’s curling.

Team – 1965 Leo Johnson Canadian Senior Men’s Championship Team

In 1965 this Leo Johnson Strathcona Curling Club team was assembled to achieve excellence in curling at the senior level.  They were able to accomplish this goal in just one year.

This team, on which there were two former Macdonald Brier Champions (Johnson and Fredrickson from the 1934 Canadian Men’s team), won their zone and went on to the provincials in Carman, Manitoba.  Here the Johnson team won the provincial title with a four win and no loss record.

At Fort William, Ontario they were winners of the Seagram Stone, which was sponsored by the Dominion Curling Association and the House of Seagram.  The Seagram Stone was to become emblematic of the National Seniors Championship.  At this competition their record was nine wins and two losses.

Winning this historical inaugural seniors event was truly an honour for Manitoba and for these four excellent curlers!

Builder – Arnold Asham                              

Manitobans think of Arnold Asham in many different ways. Some thoughts are as a curler, innovator, entrepreneur, ambassador and fun-loving person known for his generosity.

Arnold’s entrepreneurial endeavors are well known. He is the founder of Asham Curling Supplies (1977) incorporated in 1979. He developed the Red Brick Slider in 1977. Since then he has produced his own line of curling shoes, grippers, sliders and brushes, always with the benefit to curlers in mind.

In 2013 Arnold undertook an agreement with the Canadian Curling Association aimed at developing curling at the grassroots level by sponsoring the Business of Curling Programs and Symposiums. Their aim was to offer assistance to curling centres and help grow the business of curling in Canada. In the same year he took on the sponsorship of the CCA`s National Volunteer of the Year Award.

As a curler Arnold Asham has competed at provincial competitions 21 times and once nationally. He is a competitive certified coach; and has assisted such teams as Team Hackner (2007), Team Galbraith (1995), Team Shannon Gauthier (1996), Team Dutiaume (2005), at provincial and national championships. He has won a trophy 6 times in the MCA Bonspiel.

Nationally and internationally Arnold Asham has furthered the sport of curling with his innovative entrepreneurial thinking. In 1989 he founded the World Curling Players Association. In 1990 he co-founded the World Curling Tour and was executive director from 1990-1998. From 2013-2016 he was sponsor of the under 13, 17 and 21 Slams in Scotland. In Russia (1995) he helped establish the sport of curling when there were only 17 registered curlers. He is an Honorary Life Member of the Russian Curling Association.

His aim is to better the sport of curling around the world and support and encourage all who play the game. The Canadian Curling Association nominated him Ambassador 0f the Year.

Builder – Tom Clasper

Tom Clasper started curling at Fort Rouge Club (Winnipeg ) in the 1960`s and has been a member there since his junior curling years.  He served on the executive there from 1979 – 1981 and from 1985 – 1994; president 1992-1993; Honorary Life Member in 2012.

While serving on the executive at the Fort Rouge he became involved with the junior program and spent 14 years coaching High School curling.  As a Level 3 certified coach and with 33 years experience, Tom has become one of Manitoba’s top coaches, coaching from provincial to international levels.

Manitoba teams he has coached to earn Canadian Championships include Team Calvert (Junior Men’s 2014 and 2015), Team Kurz (Canada Winter Games 2015), team Meakin(CIS CCA University 2013), Team Boswick (Canada Games 1987), Team Laliberte  (Scott Tournament of Hearts 1995).

Provincially, he coached many teams, including champions Team Forrest (Junior Men’s 2010), and Team Laliberte (Scott 2004 & 2005).

Most recently, Team Calvert won gold at the World Championships.

Tom is an Honorary Life Member of the MCA (1996).  Contributions to curling in Manitoba include Zone Chairmen Junior curling (10 years), curling clinic instructor, MCA Summer Camps instructor (13 years), 1991 World Championships Bar Chair, Vice President Hosting 2003 World Championships,  Vice President Facilities Tim Horton’s Brier 2008 and member of the Cec Watt Memorial Trophy sponsorship group.

Some of the Awards and recognition Tom has received are CCA Coach of the Year (1988), Coaching Excellence Award (1995), Asham National Coaching Award (2014, 2015) and Asham Provincial Coaching Excellence Award (2012).

Builder – Lorne Hamblin

Lorne Hamblin is well known in Manitoba as a curler, administrator, coach, and  volunteer.

As a curler Lorne made 14 appearances at the provincial level. He has represented the Morris,  St. Jean and Carman curling clubs in the Juniors Men`s, Men`s, Senior Men’s, and Mixed Championships.

He has held all executive positions at the Morris Curling Club including club president. His club involvement included fund raising Chairman for the Big M Centre which included a new curling facility.

Provincially Lorne became involved with the M.C.A. in the 1970`s. He was rural Junior, Senior, and Masters zone  chairman. He joined the Executive Council in 1981, holding executive positions until his presidency in 2004-2005.

Lorne is a certified Level 4 coach; his coaching abilities have led him all over the world. He coached at 18 provincial, Canadian, world and Olympic Championships. He is perhaps most proud of the World Junior Championship David Hamblin (2002) Team. Lorne greatly appreciates the assistance that his wife Chris has provided to all his coaching endeavours. Coaching has led them to such countries as Switzerland and China where they helped promote excellence in the sport of curling. Most recently they became involved with the Canadian Deaf Gold Medal National Teams and assisted in their Men`s Winter Deaflympics Silver Medal and Women`s Winter Deaflympics Bronze Medal successes (2015). These teams both represented the Deer Lodge Curling Club in Winnipeg.

Lorne`s volunteering involvement includes World Junior Liaison in Portage la Prairie (1990), initiating a local Junior curling program in Morris, chairing the Safeway Select (2002), co-chairing the Scott Tournament of Hearts (2007), assisting in the establishment of a curling credit program at the high school level, volunteering for Promotions for the Roar of the Rings (2013), founding of the DeKalb Superspiel and DeKalb Super League, and vice chairing Business and Promotions for the Tim Horton`s Brier (2008).

Curler – Dennis Thiessen

Dennis Thiessen was born and raised in Crystal City, Manitoba. He began curling at the age of 12. Dennis currently resides in Sanford, Manitoba and curls at the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club in Winnipeg. After a tragic accident Dennis was encouraged to take up curling again in 2005 as a wheelchair athlete. He steadily perfected his skills and is now a proud Paralympic Gold Medalist. His history with the sport of wheelchair curling has been steady and successful.

In 2004-2005 Manitoba first sent a representative to the Canadian Wheelchair Championships. Between 2006 and 2014 Dennis has been on all the Manitoba Championship teams. He has medalled at five national championships – gold in 2011 and 2013 and bronze in 2008, 2009 and 2010. In 2013 he helped his team win the gold medal at Sochi, Russia at the World Wheelchair Championships. Again in Sochi (2014) he and his team mates of Jim Armstrong, Ina Forrest, and Sonja Gaudet were successful at the 2014 Paralympic games winning gold! The Armstrong foursome defeated China in the semi-final and with a score of 8 to 3 they triumphed over Team Russia before a boisterous crowd. Their overall team percentage was an amazing 80% in the gold medal game.

Team – Team Jones

The 2014 Olympic Gold Medal Team of Jennifer Jones ( Skip ), Kaitlyn Lawes (Third), Jill Officer (Second),Dawn McEwen (Lead), Kirsten Wall (Fifth) Janet Arnott (Coach) achieved their gold medal dream with an unprecedented unbeaten record in women`s Olympic curling.

At the Tim Horton`s Roar of the Rings Olympic Curling Trials at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba; the Jones Team completed the round robin at  6 and 1 and then swept by Team Middaugh in the final with a score of  8 – 4. This win was attained with an incredible team total percentage of 92%.

The team focus never shifted from their goal and they maintained their passion and intensity throughout the Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia in 2014. Following a perfect 11 – 0 round robin they maintained their winning streak and defeated Eve Muirhead in the semi final, and Margaritha Sigfridsson in the final. The long road to the Olympics was worth it to the Jones Team as they now set their sights and energy on the next four years until the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame congratulates Team Jones on the amazing gold medal win and encourages them on to the next phase of their curling career

Curler – Steve Gould

Steve curled at the competitive level from 1985 until 2012 when he retired from the sport.

Steve changed the importance of the lead position.  He spent his entire career perfecting his throwing and sweeping skills.  These skills included the “Gouldie” tic shot which has been adopted by many of the leading competitive teams.

As a junior curler, he curled on teams that won bonspiel events in 1985, 1986, and 1987.  He also appeared in 2 Provincial Junior Men’s Championships in 1991 and 1992.

In 1995, Steve made the first of 15 appearances in the Safeway Select Provincial Championships; winning in 1996, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011.  Their having won the Brier, he played lead on Jeff Stoughton’s 2006 and 2011 Men’s World Champion teams.

Steve participated in 3 Olympic Trials in 1997, 2005 and 2009.

He was recognized as the all-star lead 7 times at the provincial and national levels.


1979 Barry Fry Canadian Men’s Championship Team

The team consisted of Barry Fry – skip, Bill Cary – third, Gord Sparkes – second and Bryan Wood – lead.

In 1979, they curled out of the Deer Lodge Curling Club.

At the Provincial Consols Curling Championship they won the event with a record of 7 wins and 1 loss.  They were then successful at the Canadian championship with a record of 10 wins and 1 loss.  Barry Fry was the all-star skip.

Three of the team members are inductees of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame for other accomplishments.  Barry fry was inducted as a curler (1994) and as a member of the 1993 Candian Mixed Championship Team (2013).  Bryan Wood was inducted as a curler (1995) and a member of the 1970 & 1971 Canadian and World Championship Team (1987). Gordon Sparkes was inducted in the curler/builder category (2004).

 1978 Cathy Pidzarko Canadian Ladies’ Championship Team

The  Team consisted of Cathy Pidzarko – skip, Chris Pidzarko – third, Iris Armstrong – second, Patti Vande – lead.

This 1978 team curled out of the Stony Mountain Ladies’ Curling Club in Manitoba.

At the Manitoba Lassie Championship they won with a record of 5 wins and 0 losses. At the Canadian Championships, held in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, they won with a record of 7 wins and 3 losses. In the round robin format used in 1978, the Pidzarko Team was in the unique position of having to sit out the final round in the stands while other teams wins or losses determined their fate!

These four champion curlers are already recognized members of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in other categories. Cathy and Chris are members of the 1972 & 1973 Canadian Junior Championship Team. They were inducted in 2003. As well Chris is a member of the 1984 Laliberte Team inducted in 1995. She is also a member in the individual curler category; inducted in 1994. Iris was inducted in 2005 in the curler category. Patti has been inducted in the curler/ builder category in 1994. As you can see an unbelievably accomplished group!


Hans R . Wuthrich  

Hans Wuthrich is known throughout Canada and the international world for his superior ice making knowledge and skill.

He is a certified National Ice Technician, Ice Technician Instructor, and National Course Instructor for the Canadian Curling Association. With these qualifications he has been responsible as head technician for 39 provincial competitions, 18 national competitions and 4 Olympic Trials in Canada.

As head ice technician Hans, has been responsible for 10 international events, 19 World competitions and 2 Olympic Winter Games. The most recent in Sochi , Russia at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and at the Men`s World Curling Championships in Beijing, China.

As an ice technician consultant, Hans has been a facilities consultant for Curl Manitoba for the past several years. In this capacity he has visited 30 to 40 clubs per year; consulting and assisting local clubs as they strive to improve their ice making capabilities and acquire new modern skills to make the best possible ice surfaces.

Being multilingual, Hans has been able to consult and teach in Europe since 1991. His first international ice making responsibility was in 1993 at Geneva, Switzerland for their national championship. Most recently one of his miscellaneous ice making responsibilities included the Continental Cup in Las Vegas in January, 2014.

In 2003 Hans was the recipient of the Canadian Curling Association`s “ Award of Achievement “ for his significant contributions in the development of new pebble heads and ice scraper technology .

Mitchell Tarapasky

 Mitch started curling at a young age at the Thistle Curling Club and soon moved to the Victoria, where he has been involved for the past 37 years.

Very soon he became involved in the administrative side of curling.  Following in the footsteps of both his parents, who were presidents, past presidents and Honorary Life Members of the Victoria, Mitch first joined the Board while still in his late teens.  He was on the Board for almost 30 years and was club secretary for 16 years.  He is a past president and HLM of the Victoria (2004).

Mitch served for 12 years as a member of the MCA Board of Directors.  Included in these years were 3 years as club representative, 2 years as a Regional Director and 5 years as a member of the Management Committee.  During this time, he chaired all the championship committees as well as the bonspiel review committee (2004).  Mitch was MCA President in 2006 -2007.  He also served a 5-year term on the CCA Board of Directors.

Beginning in 1991, he played a major role in all of the national and international events hosted in Winnipeg.  He held chairmanships in the 1991 and 2003 Worlds and 1998 Brier and was vice-president of the 2008 Brier.  Most recently he was chairman of the Roar of the Rings Olympic Trials (2013).

Mitch has been actively involved insuch projects as launching the first MCA website (1999), the Winnipeg Curling Clubs Association, and the American Goodwill visits.

Mitch was made an HLM of the MCA (2007).


1965 Terry Braunstein Canadian Championship Team 

Team members: Terry Braunstein – skip, Don Duguid – third, Ron Braunstein – second, and Ray Turnbull – lead.

In 1964 the team was formed and curled out of the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They competed in the 1964 Winnipeg Bonspiel, and had very poor results that year. In 1965 they won eight out of nine bonspiels, and won the provincial championship with a record of 8 wins and 1 loss.

In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan they earned the Canadian Championship with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. This Brier was played before record crowds with Manitoba needing to beat British Columbia in their final round robin game. This they did after some brilliant play, and prevailed with a final score of 10-9 .The 1965 Canadian Champions lost the World Curling Championship to the United States team of Bud Somerville.

Don Duguid is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the Team category (1987) and in the Curler category (1999). Don Duguid is also a member of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame (1974) and most recently has been inducted into the World Curling Hall of Fame (2013).

Terry Braunstein is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as a Curler (1990)

Ray Turnbull is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as a Curler Builder (1992), and the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame (1994).

Barry Fry Canadian Mixed Championship Team – 1973

In 1973 the Canadian Mixed Championship was won by a team from the Maple Leaf Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This team was skipped by Barry Fry, with Peggy Casselman at third, Stephen Decter at second, and Susan Lynch at lead. They were successful at provincial playdowns ; completing the event with a no losses record of 5 and 0.

In Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island they lost their first game and then went on to win nine games in a row to win the Seagram`s Canadian Mixed Championship title. This was the third Mixed Championship title for teams from Manitoba. Barry and Susan were selected as all-star skip and lead at this event.

Barry is already a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the curler category ( 1994 ); Peggy Casselman is also a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the Team category (1988).

Veteran Team – 1932 Jim Congalton Canadian Men’s Championship Team

Team members: Jim Congalton – skip, Howard Wood Sr. – third, Bill Noble – second, Harry Mawhinney – lead.

Curling out of the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba the Jim Congalton team won the British Consols to represent Manitoba at the 1932 Canadian Brier Championship at the Granite Club in Toronto, Ontario. Jack Campbell was replaced by Howard Wood Sr. for the Canadian Championship. Howard Wood was a returning Brier winning skip (1930).

After round robin play Manitoba and Alberta were tied for first place. In a playoff, Manitoba defeated Alberta by a score of 13 to 8. Manitoba’s final record in 1932 was 6 wins and 2 losses. This was the fifth Brier win for Manitoba since 1927.

Jim Congalton is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the Curler category (1997) and in the Team category (2012). Howard Wood Sr. is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the Curler category (1988) and Team category (2012).

Jim Congalton and Howard Wood Sr. are also members of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame – Congalton (1975), and Wood (1974).

Veteran Curlers – Cliff and Ness Wise  

The brothers , Cliff and Ness Wise , started to curl at the Strathcona Curling Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1912.They were a formidable force on the Winnipeg curling scene in the 1920`s and 1930`s when Ness skipped one of the best teams in Winnipeg. Cliff played with him on many occasions for over 5 decades.

J. Ness Wise, elder of the two brothers was born in 1896. In 1909 Ness became interested in curling by helping the ice-maker at the Strathcona after school hours. Along with his brother, he managed to play several games a week when not being chased out of the rink by the members who at the time could not see that this was a game for the young boys! Ness became a member of the Strathcona in 1912, became president in 1930-31 and is an Honorary Life Member of the club (1954).

Ness made 13 British Consols appearances from 1925 to 1955; and was City Champion 4 times in 1915, 1922, 1927 and 1946.In the Winnipeg Bonspiel he won at least 14 events including the Grand Aggregate twice in 1927 and 1929. In 1954 Ness won the Stovel Trophy in the Veteran Men’s Bonspiel.

A.Clifford Wise was born in Prince Edward Island in 1897. He moved to Winnipeg in 1905 with his parents. The Strathcona Curling Club opened in 1909 and at the age of 12 in 1909, he threw his first curling rock. He applied for membership in 1911 but was refused because of his youth, but was admitted in 1912. In his first venture as a skip he won the City Championship in 1915 at age of 17! Winnipeg has since developed many “kid” rinks but in 1915 this was the youngest ever to win a major event. Their average age was just under 17 years. He was president of the Strathcona Curling Club and was an Honorary Life member of that club.

Cliff Wise also made 13 British Consols appearances from 1926 to 1955 playing with Ness on several occasions. Cliff was City Champion 3 times in 1915, 1922 and 1926. In the Winnipeg Bonspiel he won trophies 8 times which included the Governor General’s Grand Aggregate in 1929. In 1959 and 1975 he won the Stovel Trophy in the Veteran Men’s Bonspiel. In 1965 Cliff won the Manitoba Seniors title curling lead for Strathcona’s Leo Johnson. They went on to win the Championship at the first Canadian Championship at the seniors level.

Cliff and Ness Wise are both Honorary Life Members of the Manitoba Curling Association (1959).

Builder – Paul Pelletier 

Paul learned to curl at the curling club in his home town of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. He joined the Ft Rouge Curling Club in 1967 and has curled there until the present. In 1970 Paul joined the Board of the Ft Rouge Curling Club and became president in 1980. As a board member he chaired many committees including Juniors, Interclub, Bonspiels, Membership , Roster , Canteen , Lounge and Prizes. Indeed a busy ten years! He is an Honorary Life Member of the Ft Rouge C.C. (1992). In 1981 as Past President of the Ft Rouge he was their representative to the Manitoba Curling Association.

He was elected to the M.C.A. Council in 1982. Then in a 10 year association with the Manitoba Curling Association Paul chaired several committees including Prizes, Mixed Playdowns and Publicity.

He assumed presidency of the Manitoba Curling Association for the 1991 – 1992 season. At the provincial, national and world level he has been a willing and enthusiastic volunteer. Paul was president of the Interclub Committee, served as an advisor on the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and was a director of the Manitoba Curling Foundation. In 1998 he was Chairman of Facilities of the Brier Patch at the Brier and on the Board pf Directors of the 1991 World Curling Championships. Paul has always been an active curler at the Ft Rouge Curling Club and participated in many bonspiels.

He is an Honorary Life Member of the Manitoba Curling Association.

Jim Dunstone Canadian Mixed Championship Team – 1980

Jim Dunstone’s 1980 Mixed Team with third Carol Dunstone, second Del Stitt and lead Elaine Jones curling out of the Heather Curling Club were the Canadian Mixed Champions.

In St. John’s Newfoundland, after winning the round robin with a record of 9 wins and 2 losses, they won the Seagram’s Championship with a record fo 10 wins and 2 losses.  There were many close games and extra ends, inlcuding a marathon double extra end final against John Fortier of Charlottetown. PEI.

Jim was selected all-star skip and Elaine was selcted all-star lead.

This team subsequently appeared at Manitoba Provincial Mixed Championship four more times.

Elaine is already a member of the Manitob Curling Hall of Fame in the curler category (2005) and the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame as an all around athlete (2001).

Veteran Teams – 1936, 1942, 1949 Ken Watson Canadian Men’s Championship Teams

The team represented the Strathcona Curling Club.

The 1936 team members were Ken Watson – skip, Grant Watson – third, Marvin McIntyre – second and Charles Kerr – lead. They won the Manitoba British Consuls with a record of 5 wins and no losses.    At the Macdonald Brier Dominion Championship, they became known as the “sliding Watsons”.  Their contentious style proved to be deadly accurate and they finished the competition with a record of 8 wins and 1 loss.

In M.C.A. Bonspiel competition the team won the Dingwall Trophy (1935) and Grand Aggregate (1939). They were City Champions in 1936 abd 1938.

The 1942 team members were Ken Watson – skip, Grant Watson – third, Charlie Scrymgeour – second and Jim Grant – lead. At the Macdonald Brier Dominion Championship in Quebec City they won the round robin with a record of 8 wins and 1 loss.

In M.C.A. Bonspiel competition the team won the Grand Aggregate and the SirJohn Eaton Trophy.

The 1949 team members were Ken Watson – skip, Grant Watson – third, Lyle Dyker – second and Charles Read – lead.  They played an undefeated record in provincial and national competitions.

In M.C.A. Bonspiel competition the team won the Birks Dingwall Trophy (1947), the Grand Aggregate (1947), the City Hydro (1948) and the Henry Birks Trophy (1949).

Four curlers from these championship teams are members of the Manitoba Curling Hall Of Fame in the curler category; Ken Watson (1987), Grant Watson (1992), Lyle Dyker (1997), and Charlie Scrymgeour (1996).  Ken Watson is also a member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (1980).

Veteran Teams – 1930 and 1940 Howard Wood Canadian Men’s Championship Teams

The team represented the Granite Curling Club.

The 1930 team members were  Howard Wood Sr. – skip, Jimmy Congalton – third, Vic Wood – second, Lionel Wood – lead.

They won the Manitoba British Consuls Provincial Championship; after Manitoba Bonspiel wins that included the Grand Aggregate, Shea Trophy and Ganong Event.

At the Macdonald Brier Dominion Championship, after round robin play, Manitoba finished tied with Alberta for first place with a record of seven wins and two losses.  The Wood team won the playoff.  This marked the third time in four years the Brier Trophy returned to Manitoba.

The 1940 team members were  Howard Wood Sr. – skip, Ernie Pollard – third, Howard Wood Jr. – second, Roy Enman – lead.

At the Macdonald Brier Championship, held in Winnipeg, the veteran Manitoba skip led his team to an undefeated record of nine wins and no losses.  This marked the first time that play was conducted outside Toronto; and were an unqualified success! This team also won the Grand Aggregate and Dingwall Trophy at the Manitoba Bonspiel.

Four of these champion curlers are already members of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame in the curler category.  Howard Wood Sr. (1988),  Jim Congalton (1997), Vic Wood (2006) and ernie Pollard (2003).  Howard Wood Sr. is also a member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (1981).

Veteran Builder – H. Bruce Boreham (1901 – 1987)

Bruce Boreham learned to curl at an early age in Fort William (Thunder Bay), Ontario and continued to do so for the rest of his active life in many cities including Winnipeg, Victoria and Vancouver.

In 1927, as sports editor for the Winnipeg Tribune, he wrote the original story announcing the beginning of the Macdonald Brier Tankard.

He was made a director of the Macdonald Brier in 1940 and in 1967 was appointed secretary of the Macdonald Brier Trustees and the Canadian Curling Championship. In 1970 he wrote the Official History of the Macdonald Brier which covered the first 40 years of the the event which includes a breakdown of the participants, scores, standings, biographies, entertainment, etc. Bruce and Mr. Bert Cameron of Winnipeg wrote a sequel that covered the Brier to 1979.  He was inducted into the Canadian Curling hall of Fame in 1975.

Builder – Heather Helston

Heather Helston began curling at an early age in Sanford, Manitoba and developed a love for the sport which continues to the present; curling at clubs that include the Eaton, Selkirk, Grain Exchange, Heather, St. Vital and Pembina.  she served on the executive of ladies leagues both at the Heather and Pembina, and was preseident of the Pembina business girls.

Heather Helston has been a volunteer Curator and Collection Manager of the Manitoba Hall of Fame and Museum for twenty years.  Under her tutelage she has nurtured and expanded the Hall of Fame to where it is the most complete curling museum in the country.  Her dedication and hard work in collecting, cataloguing, researching  and maintain the museum as well as displaying and providing assistance to curling clubs and events has been invaluable to the sport.

Heather has participated as a volunteer at many Championships; 1985 Scott Tournament of Hearts as a statistician; 1989 Pepsi Junior Championship and 1998 Brier as decorations chairman; 1991 Worlds as media reception and banquet co-ordinator; 2003 Worlds and 2008 Brier as banquet chairman.  Most recentlu she was on the organizing committee for the Canadian Masters Championship at Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club (2011)

Heather has co-ordinated and provided displays for Briers(1998, 2008), Brandon and Winnipeg Worlds (1995, 2003) and Canadian Senior Mixed Championships.

As a curler she has competed in the Ladies and Mixed Provincial Championships.  In 1977 she was lead on the Dorothy McKenzie team that won the Provincial Lassie Championship.  At the Canadian Championship held in Halifax, they finished third in round robin play.

Builder – Nancy Rummery

Nancy first started to curl in 1969, curling in several clubs over the years; Pembina, Heather and Highlander.  Currently a member of the Deer Lodge and Assiniboine Memorial, she has worked on the executive of both; president of Deer Lodge Ladies in 1989-90 and Assiniboine Ladies in 1991-92.

In her 10 year association with the Manitoba Ladies Curling Association, Nancy chaired several committees including Prizes, Publicity, Dineen Challenge, Ways and Means, Management and Finance, vice-chair of Nominations.  She chaired the Senior Women’s Provincial Championship, Junior Women’s Provincial Championships and Manitoba Scott Tournament of Hearts.  She assumed the presidency for the 1997-98 season.  Highlights of the year included participating in events at the Brandon Olympic Trials and bringing the Manitoba Scott Tournament of Hearts to an arena venue at the St. James Civic Centre, only the second time in an arena setting.  The success of this event provided the impetus for future Scotties to be held in arenas.

Nancy has volunteered at provincial, national and world events.  She was a team driver at both the 1989 Pepsi Junior Canadian Championship and the 1991 Winnipeg Worlds.  In 2003 she was Executive Vice President responsible for Facilities at the Ford World Championship.  She has volunteered as a timer at many events and officiated at Provincial, Canadian and World Championships including the 1995 World Championships in Brandon.

She has competed in the MLCA and MCA Women’s Bonspiels many times, winning event trophies including Clay Law Grand Aggregate (1993), Investers (1993) and Eight Ender Event (2003). She also appeared in one Provincial Masters (2010).

CURLER: Clare DeBlonde curled competitively from 1959- 2009. Clare’s competitive curling started in Junior’s and also includes Men’s, Senior’s, Mixed and Masters. During this time he has appeared in 37 Provincial playoffs and represented the province in 3 Nationals. At the provincial level his resume includes 1 Junior, 21 Men’s, 12 Senior’s and 3 Mixed appearances. Clare represented the province nationally twice in the Men’s and once in the Senior’s.  Clare was also coach of the 1984 Labatt Brier Canadian Champions.

CURLER: Orest Meleschuk was a competitive curler from 1963 to 2007. He has appeared in 30 Men’s, 7 Senior, 6 Masters, and 1 Mixed Provincial appearances.  Orest was Provincial, Canadian, and World’s Men Champion in 1972 and Provincial Champion in 1989. He was also Senior Men’s Provincial Champion in 1996. In 2001 Orest was presented the Curler of Distinction Award.

TEAM: The Connie Laliberte Teams of 1992 and 1995 with thirds Laurie Allen (1992) and Cathy Overton (1995), second Cathy Gauthier and lead Janet Arnott curling out of the Fort Rouge Curling Club.  They were Provincial and Canadian Champions, and were Bronze (1992) and Silver (1995) medalists at the Women’s Word Championships.

TEAM: Robert Gourley’s 1931 Team with third Ernie Pollard, second Arnold Lockerbie, and lead Ray Stewart curling out of the Strathcona Curling Club were the British Consols Manitoba and the Macdonald Brier Canadian Champions.

VETERAN CURLER:Fred Smith curling resume spanned some 54 years from 1913 to 1967.  Fred appeared in 10 provincial men’s and 3 provincial senior’s playdowns. He was third on the 1937 British Consols provincial winning team, which finished 2nd at the Macdonald Brier Canadian Championship. Fred played 2nd on the 1965 Senior Men’s provincial championship team which also won the Canadian senior’s that same year.

BUILDER:Jerry Brown began curling at the Deer Lodge Curling Club in 1970. He served on the board of directors for several years and was President of the club in 1991 – 92. In 1995 Jerry was honoured with life membership at Deer Lodge. Jerry was elected to the MCA Council in 1985 and served continuously until elected president in 1995-96. In 1997 Jerry was inducted as an Honorary Life Member of the MCA.

BUILDER:Sylvia Erickson began curling in 1966 in Lynn Lake with stops in Flin Flon and Edmonton. Since 1983 she has curled with the St Vital Curlettes and was Secretary and President of that club. She elected to the MLCA Executive Council in 1989 and served on several committees, becoming president in 1994 -95. In 1996 Sylvia was inducted as Honorary Life Member of the MLCA. Sylvia contributes countless hours to the Manitoba Curling Foundation and Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame. Sylvia is a 2 time Provincial masters Champion in 2005 & 2006

VETERAN BUILDER: J.W. DeCouroy O’Grady legacy endures in form of O’Grady Challenge Cup. He was the MCA President 1907-08, MCA Patron 1909-10 and again MCA President 1910-11.

VETERAN BUILDER: Marian Rowlands was affiliated with Granite CC. Rowlands led group to form Ladies Curling Association in 1924 and was elected President. The MLCA was then formally organized with 8 affiliated clubs. Rowlands is a Honourary Life Member of the Canadian Curling Association

BUILDER: Georgina Anderson has spent countless hours as a curling volunteer. Anderson spent 10 years on the MLCA Board and was the first president of the amalgamated MCA organization. Anderson served from 2003-2008 has a CCA Board Member. Honorary Life Member of MCA (2002)

BUILDER: Rick Mutton served for 10 years on the MCA council and was the MCA President in 2002. Mutton was a Brier volunteer in 1998 and 2008 and was the MB Curling Hall of Fame Selection Chairman from 2002-2007. Mutton has compiled comprehensive records of MB curling champions and was made a Honorary Life Member in 1987.

CURLER: Debbie Jones-Walker has appeared in 12 Provincial Women’s Championships and 4 Mixed Provincial Championships. Provincial Women’s Champion in 1977, 1999, and 2000. Provincial and Canadian Mixed Champion in 1977. Canadian and World Women’s Champion as 5th on Connie Laliberte team 1984.

CURLER: Barb Enright has appreared in 4 Provincial Junior Championships, 15 Provincial Women’s Championships, and 3 Mixed Provincial Championships. Enright was a Provincial Junior Champion in 1983, and Provincial Women’s Champion in 1986 and 2003 and Canadian Junior Women’s Champion in 1984.

TEAM: 1956-57 Lily Clark Team from the Portage La Prairie Curling Club. Lily Clark-Skip, Vic Painter-Third, Helen Wishard-Second, Dianne Kitson-Lead. Manitoba Ladies Champions (1956-57) and 7 MLCA Bonspiel Trophy wins.

TEAM: 1999 Jeff Stoughton Team from Charleswood Curling Club. Jeff Stoughton-Skip, Jon Mead-Third, Garry Van Den Berghe-Second, Doug Armstrong-Lead. 1999 Provincial, Canadian, and World Men’s Champions. 2000 Provincial Men’s Champions.

VETERAN CURLER: Bill Finlay was a member of famous “Kid Rink” skipped by Frank Cassidy of Thistle CC. Won 1910 Winnipeg Bonspiel Grand Aggregated. 1911 member of Strathcona CC. Skipped 1914 Grand Aggregate team, tying Rod McKaskill of Gladstone. Won 1919 Winnipeg Bonspiel Grand Aggregate. Editor of Winnipeg Free Press and Vancouver Sun. As a young man was one of Canada’s outstanding lacrosse stars.

VETERAN BUILDER: John B. Mather was an agent for Hiram Walker & Sons Co. facilitated formation of an event in first Manitoba Bonspiel of the Manitoba Branch of the R.0.C.C. Presented the Walkerville Tankard, the much coveted trophy in bonspiel.

CURLER: Barb Spencer has 5 Provincial Junior appearances. 1984 Provincial Junior Women’s Champion. 2 Junior Bonspiel Main Event Trophies. 15 Provincial Women’s appearances. 2 time Provincial Women’s Champion (1986,2003. 3 time Provincial Women’s Runner-up, (1987,1989,1994). 6 Provincial Mixed appearances (1986 champion). 2 MCA Women’s Bonspiel trophies. Currently ranked 6th in number of games played at provincial championships (103 games).

CURLER: Darcy Robertson has 4 Provincial Junior appearances. 1984 Provincial Junior Women’s Champion. 1984 Canadian Junior Women’s Champion. 2 Junior Bonspiel Main Event trophies 91982,1983). 14 Provincial Women’s appearances. 2 time Provincial Women’s Champion (1986,2003). 3 time Provincial Women’s runner up (1987,1989,1994). 6 Provincial Mixed appearances (1986 Champion). 3 MCA Women’s Bonspiel trophies. Currently ranked 9th in number of games played at Provincial Women’s Championship (98 games).

CURLER: Maureen Bonar made 2 Provincial Junior appearances. 1982 Provincial Junior Women’s Champions. 14 Provincial Women’s appearances. 4 time Provincial Women’s champion (1983,1993,1996,2004). 4 Provincial Mixed appearances. 2 MCA Bonspiel trophies.

BUILDER: Barry Greenberg is a long time member of Portage CC. Moved to Winnipeg and became a member of Granite CC. President of Granite CC 1993-94. Served on Elected Council and Management Committee of MCA. First President of MCA Amalgamated Association in 2000-2001. Elected to Board of Directiors of Canadian Curling Association in 2001-2002. CCA President in 2005. President of 2008 Tim Horton’s Brier.

TEAM: 1952-53 Ab Gowanlock Team from the Dauphin CC. Skip Ab Gowanlock, Third Jim Willams, Second Art Pollon, Lead Russ Jackson. 1953 Provincial Men’s Champion (6 wins, 0 losses). 1953 Canadian Men’s Champions. 2 Event Winner in 1952 MCA Men’s Bonspiel.

TEAM: 1984 Canadian Men’s Championship Team from Pembina Curling Club. Skip Mike Riley, Third Brian Toews, Second John Helston, Lead Russ Wookey. 1984 Provincial Men’s Champion (7 wins, 0 losses), only one loss through Club,Zone, and Tankard play. 1984 Canadian Men’s Champion (9wins,3 3 losses).

VETERAN CURLER BUILDER: Alex Brown Sr. was instrumental in formation of Manitoba Curling Club in 1876. Played in 1st organized game of curling in Winnipeg. Involved in organization of Granite and later the Thistle Curling Club. Honourary Life Member of MCA. Participated in MCA Bonspiel begining 1894. Won 10 MCA Bonspiel trophies including 1 Grand Aggregate and 5 Main Events. Wone 2 Men’s Club Championships.

VETERAN BUILDER: Walter F. Payne served in various capacities with MCA for 32 years begining in 1892. Founded Free Press Curling Club. Organized and published tabulated results of bonspiels for curling fans. Past President and Honourary Life Member of the MCA and Thistle Curling Club.

CURLER: Janet Harvey won 5 provincial titles including Junior Women’s (1984 & 1986). Women’s (1990, 1997, & 2006). Canadian Junior Women’s title (1984). Participated in 23 Provincial Championships. Won 5 Main Event trophies in MCA Women’s Bonspiel.

CURLER: Jonathan Mead has 16 Provincial Championship appearances. 4 Provincial titles including Junior Men’s (1986), Men’s (1999, 2000, 2006). 2 National titles including Canadian Junior Men’s (1986), Men’s (1999). Silver Medals at World Junior Men’s (1987) and World Men’s Championship (1999). Participated in 3 Olympic Curling Trials. Runner-up in 2005. Won 1 Grand Aggregate and 2 Main Event trophies in MCA Men’s Bonspiel.

CURLER: John Usackis has 46 Provincial Championship appearances since 1962. 3 Provincial titles including Men’s (1977 & 1989), Master Men’s (2002). Canadian Master Men’s Championship (2002). Ranks second in total games played in history of Manitoba Provincial Championships (223 games). Won MCA Men’s Bonspiel Grand Aggregate and Main Event trophy in 1982.

BUILDER: Ruth Crook served 15 years as member on Manitoba Ladies Curling Association (1970-1985). Credited with moving MLCA from her basement to an office environment. Organized and prepared a directory of detailed responsibilities used by MLCA Council Members until amalgemation with MCA in 2000.

TEAM: 1934 Canadian Men’s Championship Men’s Championship Team. Members of the Strathcona Curling Club. Skip Leo Johnson, Third Lorne Stewart, Second Linc Johnson, Lead Marno Frederickson. 1934 Provincial Men’s Champions. 1934 Canadian Men’s Championship. Won 1 MCA Bonspiel Main Event Event trophy in period from 1934 to 1940.

TEAM: 1981 Canadian Men’s Championship Team. Members Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club. Skip Kerry Burtnyk, Third Mark Olson, Second Jim Spencer, Lead Ron Kammerlock. 1981 Manitoba’s Men’s Provincial Champion. 1981 Canadian Men’s Champion. Mark Olson named all-star third at Brier. 1981 Bronze Medal winner at Air Canada Silver Broom.

VETERAN CURLER: Alex Fidler participated in the MCA Bonspiel beginning in 1914. He played on teams that won 22 trophies in the MCA Bonspiel. In that total were, 4 MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate titles and 6 Main Event Trophies. He also won a Men’s City Championship in 1921.

VETERAN CURLER BUILDER: Clifford R. Hudson competed in 11 provincial championships. He won 23 trophies in the MCA Bonspiel. Cliff won 4 MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate titles, 6 Main event trophies and 1 Men’s City Championship. He is a Past President of the Manitoba Curling Association and Honorary Life Member of the MCA, Strathcona and Kenora Curling Clubs.

TEAM:The 1938 Men’s team from Glenboro skipped by Ab Gowanlock,with Elwyn “Bung” Cartmell, Bill McKnight, E.R. “Tom” McKnight went unbeaten through thr Men’s British Consols and duplicated the feat by going unbeaten at the Canadian Men’s Championship. The team won 3 MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate titles and 4 MCA Bonspiel Main Event trophies in a period from 1933 to 1940.

TEAM: The 1990 and 1991 Senior Men’s team skipped by Jim Ursel, with Norm Houck, Henry Kroeger (1990), John Helston (1991), Stan Lamont won back to back Senior Men’s Provincial titles and followed that by winning consecutive Canadian Senior Men’s Championships.

CURLER: Lynn Fallis-Kurz has made 20 provincial championship appearances, winning provincial titles on 6 occasions. Those include, Provincial Junior Women’s in 1980 and 1981, Mixed in 1988, 1989 and 1991, and a women’s championship in 2002. Lynn has won 3 national titles, the Canadian Junior Women’s in 1981 and Canadian Mixed Championships in 1988 and 1991. She has won 7 trophies in the MCA Women’s Bonspiel which includes 1 Grand Aggregate and 4 Main Event trophies.

CURLER: Karen Porritt has participated in 28 provincial championships. She has won 7 provincial championships, those being 2 Junior Women’s in 1980 and 1981, 4 Mixed in 1988, 1989, 1991 and 1994 and a Women’s championship in 2002. She has won a Canadian Junior Women’s Championship in 1981 and Canadian Mixed Championships in 1988 and 1991. In the MCA Women’s Bonspiel, Karen has won a total of 10 trophies, that includes 2 Grand Aggregates and 5 Main Event Trophies.

CURLER: Garry Van Den Berghe has appeared in 16 provincial championships. He has won 5 provincial Men’s Championships in 1991, 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2006. Garry is a two-time Canadian Men’s Champion in 1996 and 1999 and a World Men’s Champion in 1996 and a silver medalist in 1999. He participated in 3 Olympic Curling Trials, finishing as runner up in 2005.

BUILDER: James A. Sproule has spent the past 44 years with involvement in some capacity with the MCA. Originally a member of the MCA Bonspiel Headquarters ice staff, he served 14 years a member of MCA Council, he is a MCA Past President and Honoray Life Member. He has served on the Board of Directors of the 1978 Silver Broom, as well as the Silver Broom Foundation. He is currently in his 12th year as a trustee of the O’Grady Cup. He is a Past President and Life Member of the Thistle Curling Club.

VETERAN CURLER-BUILDER: Malcolm (Mac) Campbell – participated in the first 49 MCA Bonspiels with his teams winning 9 trophies. He spent 24 years as a member of the MCA Council. He was a Past-President and Honourary Life Member of the Manitoba Curling Association and the Thistle Curling Club.

VETERAN CURLER: Vic Wood competed in 8 provincial championships. He won two Manitoba titles and one Canadian title. Along with 2 City Championships, he won 38 MCA Bonspiel trophies including 7 Grand Aggregate titles. He was an Honourary Life Member of the Granite Curling Club.

CURLER: Doug Armour has made 34 provincial championship appearances, winning 5 provincial titles – a Provincial Men’s in 1982, Mixed in 1997 and 1999, Senior Men’s in 2003 and Masters in 2005. He won the Canadian Open Masters title in 2005.

CURLER: Harold Tanasicuk has made 25 provincial championship appearances. He won 3 Manitoba Mixed (1976, 1977, 1986) championships as well as the Senior Men’s in 1989. His 1977 Mixed team won the Canadian Mixed title. His 6 trophies in the MCA Bonspiel include 2 Main events and a Grand Aggregate.

CURLER: Cathy Overton-Clapham has won 6 provincial titles. In five junior appearances, she won 2 Provincial Junior Women’s titles and one Canadian Junior title. In 1989 she was the World Junior Bronze medallist. She has won 4 Provincial Women’s titles and, with two Canadian titles, will make her 7th National Scott Tournament of Hearts appearance in 2006. She competed in the Canadian Olympic Trials in both 1997 and 2005. CURLER:

BUILDER: Vic Palmer served 11 years on MCA Council, including a term as President. He is an MCA Honourary Life Member. He was General Chairman of the Canadian Seniors in 1967 and the Air Canada Silver Broom in 1978. He presented the original idea for the creation of the Silver Broom Foundation – forerunner to the current Manitoba Curling Foundation. He served as first chairman of the Silver Broom Foundation. He was a Past President and HLM of the Grain Exchange Curling Club.

TEAM: Billy Walsh and his 1952 and 1956 teams won Manitoba and Canadian Men’s Championships. In 1952 the Fort Rouge team of Al Langlois, And McWilliams and John Watson had a 10-0 Brier record. In 1956, Cy White replaced Watson and their 9-2 record captured another Brier title.

TEAM: David Hamblin, Ross Derksen, Kevin Hamblin and Ross McCannell won the 2002 Manitoba and Canadian Junior Men’s championships and went on to win Canada’s 12th World Junior Men’s title.

VETERAN – CURLER: E.J. (Mac) Rochon participated in the MCA Bonspiel from 1892 – 1917. His teams won 20 trophies in the MCA Bonspiel. He is a past president and honourary life member of the Manitoba Curling Association, Thistle, and Fort William Curling Club.

TEAM : The 1992 and 1993 Men’s team skipped by Vic Peters, with Dan Carey at third, Chris Neufeld at second and Don Rudd at lead, curled out of the Granite Curling Club. In 1992 and 1993 they captured the Provincial Men’s Championship. They won the 1992 Brier and placed third at the World Championship. In 1993 they finished fourth at the Brier. The team won a MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate title in 1993.

CURLER: Iris Armstrong has 16 provincial championship appearances, winning the provincial ladies championship three times and a Diamond Ladies Championship. She was a member of the Cathy Pidzarko 1978 Canadian Women’s Championship team. She also won seven trophies in the MCA Women’s Bonspiel.

CURLER: Elaine Jones has made 26 appearances in provincial championships. She has won 8 provincial titles, including one provincial mixed championship, four provincial senior titles and three Diamond Ladies Championship’s. In 1980, playing for Jim Dunstone she won the Canadian Mixed Championship. In addition Elaine has won 15 trophies in the MCA Women’s Bonspiel.

CURLER: Gary Ross has appeared in 32 provincial championships, reaching the provincial final on eleven occasions. In 2001, he won the Provincial Senior Men’s Championship and followed that with a Canadian Seniors Championship. He has won 12 trophies in the MCA Bonspiel.

BUILDER: Zivan Saper is a long time secretary-treasurer and life member of the Maple Leaf Curling Club. He is a past president and honourary life member of the Manitoba Curling Association and Canadian Curling Association. In 2003, he served as General Chairman of the very successful 2003 Ford World Championships. Zivan was named to the Executive Honour Roll of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 2002.

TEAM: Curling out of the Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club, Skip Mert Thompsett, 2nd Joel Gagne and Lead Mike Friesen won Manitoba and Canadian Junior championships in 1979 and 1981. At third in 1979 was Lyle Derry while Bill McTavish was the third in 1981. Representing Canada a year later, both teams captured the World Junior Silver medals, losing to Andrew McQuistin of Scotland in 1980 and to Soren Grahn of Sweden in 1982. Thompsett & Derry were all-stars in 1980 while Gagne and Friesen were all-stars in 1982.

PRE 1940 CURLER-BUILDER: R.J. (Robert) Gourley was a founding member of the Strathcona Curling Club. He served as President of the Manitoba Curling Association in 1930-31, the same year that he skipped a team to the Manitoba British Consols title and to the Canadian Macdonald Brier championship. Gourley skipped MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate winners in 1931 and 1941, along with winning several bonspiel trophies.

BUILDER: Jack Dutton was President of the Strathcona Curling Club in 1941-42, chaired the Manitoba Curling Association’s Diamond Jubilee year in 1948 and served as MCA President in 1951-52. He served as co-chair of the 1952 Macdonald Brier and was made a Honourary Life Member of the MCA in 1953. He went on to serve as President of the Dominion Curling Association (forerunner to the Canadian Curling Association) in 1956-57.

BUILDER: F.A. (Al) Macatavish served as Elmwood Curling Club President in 1973 before beginning a 14 year term on the Manitoba Curling Association Council. He was MCA president in 1988-89 and chaired the 1990 bid committee that brought the World Championship to Winnipeg. He served as President and CEO of the 1991 World Championships Committee and was Honourary President of the 2003 Ford Worlds Committee. He was made a Honourary Life Member of the MCA in 1990 and of the Elmwood Curling Club in 1992.

CURLER: Cathy Gauthier competed in five consecutive Canadian Scott Tournaments of Hearts with Connie Laliberte. They won the 1992, 1994 and 1995 provincial titles and competed as Team Canada in 1993 and 1996 after winning Canadian championships. They bronze medalists at the Safeway Worlds in 1993 and silver medalists at the Ford Worlds in Brandon in 1995. (Note to reader: After her induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame, Gauthier made another appearance at the Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts, winning the championship with Jennifer Jones in 2005.)

CURLER: George Laudrum was a 4-time Manitoba champion, winning the British Consols once (at 3rd for Mac Scales in 1960) and winning the Manitoba Seniors in 1975, 1976 and 1978. He won 16 different event trophies in the MCA Bonspiel including Grand Aggregate titles in 1953, 1957 and 1960.

CURLER-BUILDER: Gord Sparkes was a Manitoba finalist in the junior’s (1964) and the British Consols (1975) before winning the Manitoba title and the final Macdonald Brier in 1979 with Barry Fry. He served many years on the Deer Lodge CC Executive and on the Manitoba Curling Association Council. He chaired the Scottish Tours to Canada in 1983 and 1993, chaired the Manitoba Seniors at Deer Lodge in 1995 and had executive positions on the host committees for 1991 & 2003 Worlds as well as 1998 Labatt Brier. He helped establish the Coca Cola Classic Cash Spiel and chaired it for 16 years. He is a Honourary Life Member of the Deer Lodge Curling Club and of the Manitoba Curling Association.

Pre-1930 – Curler: W.A.(Bill) Carson curled out of the Thistle Curling Club in Winnipeg. In the 22-year period, between 1894 and 1915, he skipped teams which won nine trophies in the Manitoba Curling Association Bonspiel. Mr. Carson was also a president and honourary life member of the Manitoba Curling Association.

Team: The Junior Women’s team skipped by Chris Pidzarko, with Cathy Pidzarko at third, Beth Brunsdon at second and Barbara Rudolph at lead, curled out of the Rossmere Curling Club in Winnipeg. In 1972, this team won the inaugural Manitoba Junior Women’s Championship and capped off the season by winning the Canadian Junior Women’s Championship. They repeated as Manitoba Junior Women’s Champions in 1973 and went on to the final of the Canadian Junior Women’s Championship.

Curler/ Builder: Lois Fowler has 14 provincial championship appearances, winning the Manitoba Scott Tournament of Hearts three times and one Manitoba Mixed Championship title. Lois has been a volunteer at various local, provincial, national and international curling competitions. She has been involved in coaching and instructing and holds a Level 2 Canadian Curling Association coach/instructor certification. She is also a member of the Brandon Curling Club corporate board and the board of the Westman Curling Foundation.

Curler/ Builder: Gary Smith has 20 appearances in provincial championships, twice winning the buffalo as a Manitoba Senior Men’s curling championship title. Gary is a past president and honourary life member of the Manitoba Curling Association and the Heather Curling Club. He has been a volunteer at various local, provincial, national and international curling competitions. Gary has served as a director of Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum and is currently on the board of directors of the Manitoba Curling Foundations.

Curler: Henry Kroeger has appeared in 17 provincial curling championships, reaching the provincial final on nine occasions. Henry won five Manitoba Curling Championships; three Senior Men’s and two Masters. In 1987 and 1990, Henry captured the Canadian Senior Men’s curling championship. Henry was the recipient of the Sportsmanship Award at the Canadian Senior Men’s Curling Championship in 1986. Henry is also a curling innovator, with his production of the stainless steel slip on slider, which is worn by many Manitoba curlers.

Curler: Ernest (Ernie) Pollard is a two time MacDonald’s Brier Championship, playing as third on the 1931 and 1940 Manitoba championship teams. In the 19-year period between 1922 and 1940, Ernie was on teams that won six trophies in the Manitoba Curling Association Bonspiel. Ernie Pollard was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame as a curler in 1975.

Pre-1930 – Builder: George James Cameron began curling in 1904. He curled at Thistle Curling Club, Strathcona Curling Club and the Granite Curling Club in Winnipeg. He was instrumental in organizing the first Canadian Championship in 1927. George is affectionately known as the “Father of the Macdonald Brier Tankard.” He was President of the Manitoba Curling Association in the 1928-1929 season. George was inducted as a member of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 1973.

Curler: Janet Arnott started competitive curling as a junior in 1975 at the Manitoba Provincials. In 1984 she earned a Canadian and World Women’s title. Janet’s resume includes an appearance at the Canadian Olympic Trials in 1997 as well as 8 appearances at Canadian Championships and 23 appearances at Manitoba Provincial Championships. She is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as a Team member (1984), a member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame as a Team member (1984)  and the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame.

Curler: Dave Romano’s career started in 1952 at the age of 12 in Pine Falls, Manitoba. He became a World Champion in 1972. He has curled in at least 26 provincial playdowns – being successful 3 times. Dave is a member of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (1972 Team member).

Curler: Winston Warren is know for his dedication to his game. He has appeared in 27 Provincial Championships. He is a 3-time Provincial Champion; in 1980 on the Earl Morris team, in 2001 on the Gary Ross Senior team and in 2001 on the Barry Fry Masters team. Winston is also a 2-time Canadian Champion at Masters and Seniors levels (2001).

Builder: Cliff Schmidt is widely acknowledged for his dedication to the growth of curling in Manitoba. He has been President of Valour Road Curling Club (1975) MCA President (1991) and a volunteer at Canadian and World Championships in 1978, 1991, 1998 and 2003. He has appeared in 3 provincial playdowns as a curler. Cliff is an Honourary Life Member of the Valour Road Curling Club and of the Manitoba Curling Association.

Team: Jeff Stoughton’s 1996 World Championship team of Jeff, Ken Tresoor, Garry Van Den Berghe and Steve curled out of the Charleswood Curling Club. They won the Labatt Brier in Kamloops with only two losses in the round robin and play-offs. At the World Championship in Hamilton, Ontario they recorded 10 wins and one loss in the round robin, subsequently defeating Norway and Scotland in the semi and final games.

Pre- 1930 – Curler: Before Frank Cassidy left Winnipeg in 1924 he was considered the best curler in the province. He has a sliding balanced and fast delivery resembling the of Mac Bradon. The strong point of his game was his accurate takeouts with hack or back-ring weight. He pioneered this quiet takeout style and preferred not to throw the heavy weight of Bob Dunbar. He played third for Mac Bradon from 1904 to 1908 before skipping his own rink and playing with E.J. Rochon. As a skip he won the Dingwall Trophy, The Tuckett Trophy and the Tetley Tea Tankard in 1910. His bonspiel record had him winning 43 of 44 games played. He captured six Grand Aggregates and twenty events in the bonspiel. He also won three of the last five Points Competitions for individual curlers, in 1910, 1913, and 1914. He again won the Dingwall Trophy in 1920. Mr. Cassidy is a most deserving candidate for our Hall of Fame.


Bob Ursel: Bob Ursel skipped his squad of Brent Mendella, Gerald Chick, and Mike Ursel to the Manitoba and Canadian Championships in 1984. In the Canadian Championship he ousted defending Canadian Champion, Jamie Schneider of Saskatchewan 7-6 in an extra end, before downing Rob Houston of B.C. by a score of 7-4 in the final. Both Mendella and Chick were named to the All-Star Team. This allowed the team to represent Canada in the World Championships in 1985. Here the team finished the round robin play tied for first place with Scotland, with an 8-1 record. After defeating Norway in the semi-finals they met Christian Saager of Switzerland in a pressure packed, extra end victory. Bob Ursel was named the All-Star skip while Mendella was again an All-Star third. These four young men are excellent candidates for induction into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame & Museum.


Team: Kelly Mackenzie and her team of Joanne Fillion, Carlene Muth and Sasha Bergner had a year to remember in 1994-95. After winning the Green Valley Junior Women’s Provincial Championship, they headed off to Regina to compete in the Canadian, where they were victorious over the Ontario entry. From Regina they flew off to Perth, Scotland to represent Canada at the World Championships. In Perth, it came down to a measure but the Manitoba foursome took the podium to be crowned World Champions. Kelly was named All-Star skip and also won the sportsmanship award at the Canadian Championships. This team also won the MLCA Junior Bonspiel in 1994 and were the runner-up at the 1994 Manitoba Provincial Championship. In 1996 Kelly, Joanne and Carlene captured the Grand Aggregate in the MLCA Bonspiel with Cara Walz throwing lead rocks. All of Manitoba was proud to welcome these young women home as Junior Champions of the World.


Builder: Barry Mulvenny has been a very strong influence on the curling scene in Manitoba over the past 35 years. He joined the Victoria Curling Club in 1961 and was instrumental in many of the improvements to that facility over the years. He served on their Board for over 30 years and managed the club for 20 years. Barry was President of the M.C.A. in 1985 and was awarded a Honourary Life Membership of the Manitoba Curling Association in 1987. He worked on the 1978 Silver Broom Committee as Director of Facilities, and was Arena Chairman for the 1985 Scott Tournament of Hearts and a Director for the 1991 World Curling Championship, with responsibility for the Arena and Hog Line Inn. In 1998 Barry was the Director of Marketing for the Labatt Brier. He also represented the M.C.A. in 1977 at Carlstad, Sweden and in 1990 at Vasteraff, Sweden. Barry also spent twelve years on the Board of the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum. The Victoria Curling Club made him an Honourary Life Member in 1983. We are honoring Barry as a Builder in our sport of curling but his on-ice activities should also not go unnoticed. He was an outstanding lead for Roy Wiebe for many years, competing in several provincial playdowns and winning the Grand Aggregate Trophy in the M.C.A. Bonspiel in 1968. There is no doubt Barry belongs among the inductees of our Hall of Fame.


Builder: John Helston is being nominated to the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame as a Curler/Builder. He is a certified Level II Coach and has worked with such notable teams as Dave Smith, Vic Peters and Marnie Ross. As well he worked for many years in the Junior Program at the Pembina Curling Club. John served two terms as President of the Manitoba Hall of Fame and Museum, and just recently served on the MCA/MLCA Amalgamation Committee. In 1998 John was Director of Facilities for the Labatt Brier. He also served on the organizing committee for the 1978 and 1991 World Championships, the 1989 Canadian Pepsi Junior Championships and the 1984 Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts Championship. On the ice John has a most impressive resume which includes two Canadian Championships (1984 & 1991), one runner-up at the Canadian Senior Championship (1998) and one semi-finalist at the World Championship (1984). He was the All-Star second at each of these events. John was Provincial runner-up in Seniors Championships in 1992 and 1997. He has numerous other appearances at the Men’s, Seniors and Mixed Provincial Championships. He was made an Honorary Life Member of the Manitoba Curling Association in 1999. One of John’s most endearing qualities is his sportsmanship on the ice. In the 1984 Canadian Championships he was awarded the Ross Harstone Trophy for sportsmanship and ability, and at the 1998 Canadian Senior Championship he again captured the award for Sportsmanship and Excellence. John is a most worthy candidate for induction at this time.


Curler: 1984 was perhaps the greatest year in a career which for Connie Laliberte has spanned twenty-five years. After breaking onto the competitive scene as second for Patti Vande in 1976 and capturing the Junior Provincial title, Connie just picked up speed until in 1984 when she skipped her rink of Chris More, Corinne Peters and Janet Arnott to the Manitoba, Canadian, and World titles. Connie was named All-Start skip. Connie continued to be one of Manitoba’s brightest stars as she chalked up a total of ten Provincial titles, and three Canadian titles. She was runner-up at the Canadian in 1994 and finished third in 1999. At the world level she won the bronze medal in 1992 and the silver in 1995, and was once again named All-Star skip. She also participated at two other Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts Championships as “Team Canada”, as a result of winning the previous year’s title. Her resume also shows that she skipped her team at the 1981, 1982 and 1983 Provincial Championships, and played third on a mixed team in 1983 and 1984. Connie has also amassed a winning record in the MLCA Bonspiels, both as a Junior and in Women’s events. At the 2000 Canadian Scott Tournament of Hearts, where the team placed third, she was named the All-Star skip after missing the Provincials due to the birth of her son. She was inducted into the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame in 2000. Connie and her World Champion teammates were inducted into the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame and Museum in 1995 and it gives us great pleasure to induct her on her own in 2001.

Curler: Rod Hunter made his first appearance on the competitive scene in the 1962 Provincial Schoolboys playing third for Howard Blatt. He would follow this up with another ten appearances at the provincial level over the next 25 years. His greatest accomplishments came in 1970 and 1971 when he won the Manitoba, Canadian and World Championships as third for Don Duguid. He again won the Manitoba Championship in 1973 as third for Dan Fink, finishing as runner-up at the Canadians. In 1975 Rod skipped the foursome that captured the Manitoba title. Rod also has a MCA Bonspiel Grand Aggregate title on his resume as the Duguid team took the title in 1970, along with their many other accomplishments. It is a pleasure to welcome Rod back to Manitoba again after spending several years in the province of Alberta and we congratulate him on his induction to the Manitoba Curling Hall of Fame.