CurlManitoba is pleased to make four $1,500 scholarships available to any active junior curler entering or in post-secondary education.  They may apply if affiliated as a junior during the year of application.  Previous recipients are ineligible and all applicants must have a minimum average of 70%.

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1 by 4:30 p.m.  LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

CLICK HERE for an application form. Additional applications are available from the CurlManitoba office.


Lauren Evason – St. Adolphe
Shaela Hayward – Carman
Ryan Ostrowsky – Winnipeg
Aiden Spalding – Winnipeg
Elias Huminicki – Winnipeg Beach
Aaron Macdonell – Winnipeg
Taylor Letham – Winnipeg
Cassidy Dundas – Onanole
Jordan McDonald – Winnipeg

Ethan Brandt – Morris

Danica Metcalfe – Winnipeg

Madison Sagert – Minitonas


Jensen Letham – Winnipeg
Brooke Graham – Thompson
Presley Sagert – Minitonas
Kathleen McKenzie – Winnipeg
Adam Flatt – Winnipeg
Julia Millan – Beausejour
Emily Zacharias – Altona
Hannah Thiessen – Winnipeg
Anastasia Ginters, Altona
Sean Flatt, Winnipeg
Kaitlyn Szewczyk,  McCreary
Emma Jensen, Ochre River
Kyle Gardiner – Brandon
Hayley Bergman – Rosenfeld
Ryan Wiebe – Winnipeg
Liam Tod – Winnipeg
Robert Gordon – Winnipeg
Mackenzie Zacharias – Altona
Kathryn Cullen – Beausejour
Lauryn Kuzyk – Dauphin

Rebecca Tomchak – Winnipeg
Cole Chandler – Winnipeg]
Carter Watkins – Swan River
Keith Murkin – Winnipegosis
Brett McDonald, Winnipeg
Hayden Forrester, Winnipeg
Cassandra Serle, Manitou
Megan Jubenvill, Gilbert Plains

Beth Peterson – Winnipeg
Christine MacKay – Winnipeg
Jenna Boisvert – Stonewall
Jessica Gundrum – Swan Lake

Jordan Smith – Warren
Jennifer Curle – Minnedosa
Haley Surovy – Minnedosa
Kyle Doering – East St. Paul

Edna Moffatt Spirit of Youth Curling Scholarship

Edna Moffatt was a Past President and Honourary Life Member of the Manitoba Ladies Curling Association. She passed away on April 17, 1995. Through a trust fund set up by the family of Edna Moffatt, CurlManitoba is pleased to make a $1,000 scholarship available to a junior woman curler in Manitoba.

Any active junior woman curler entering or currently enrolled in post-secondary education may apply if affiliated as a junior during the year of application.

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1 at 4:30 p.m.

Applications are available from the CurlManitoba office or CLICK HERE for an application form.


2024     Keira Krahn                 Carman

2023     Tessa Terrick               McCreary

2022     Zoey Terrick                McCreary

2021     Morgan Maguet           Beausejour

2020     Brianna Cullen             Beausejour

2019     Emily Zacharias           Altona

2018     Olivia Bruneau             St. Jean Baptiste

2017     Hanne Jensen              Dauphin

2016     Stacy Sime                   Dauphin

2015     Kaitlyn Payette             Brandon

2014     Cali Hamm                   Winkler

2013     Allyson Jubenvill          Gilbert Plains

2012     Katherine Doerksen     Morden

2011     Heather Maxted           Winnipeg

2010     Breanne Meakin          Winnipeg

2009     Ashley Ewasiuk           Forrest

2008     Jasmine Bracken         Petersfield

2007     Kaileigh Strath             Souris

2006     Sarah Norget               Winnipeg

2005     Theresa Cannon          Winnipeg

2004     Michelle Wadelius       Beausejour

2003     Staci Goodman           Winnipeg

2002     Samantha Owen         Carman

2001     Corinne Suchy            Gimli

2000     Kari Goodman            Benito

1999     Sara Careme              Stonewall

1998     Amber Narfason        Gimli

1997     Jaclyn Ferris               Bowsman

1996     Kerry Maynes            Decker


Pat Rutter Youth Curling Scholarship

The Rutter family in partnership with CurlManitoba are pleased to announce the creation of the Pat Rutter Youth Curling Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded yearly to an eligible junior male curler in honour of Pat Rutter of Carman, Manitoba, who passed away suddenly at 55 years old on May 17, 2018.

Pat Rutter was a dedicated curling mom of three children. While she never threw a curling rock in her life, the curling world was very special to her. She supported her three children as well as all curlers who she considered a part of her curling family as they chased their curling dreams. CurlManitoba will honour Pat’s memory with this scholarship.

To be able to apply for the scholarship, you must fit the following criteria:

  • Any active male junior curler entering in post-secondary education may apply if affiliated as a junior during the year of application. Previous winners are ineligible.
CLICK HERE to download an application form.

Please note that all scholarship applications are due by June 1 at 4:30 p.m. Late applications or faxes will not be accepted.

The Pat Rutter Youth Curling Scholarship is supported by the Curling for Life Endowment Fund. The fund was established, so we could help generate funds to sustain and build programs to grow, develop, and market the sport of curling within Manitoba. We have identified three areas to target our CFLEF yearly funds, which are scholarships, the development of curling in Manitoba, and the promotion of curling in Manitoba.


2024          Luke Robins           West St. Paul
2023          Cameron Olafson   Winnipeg
2022          Ryan Ostrowsky      Winnipeg
2021          Jordan McDonald     Winnipeg
2020          Jaedon Neuert          Winnipeg
2019          Cole Chandler          Winnipeg