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East St. Paul Curling Club
Youth Curling Coordinator

Position Summary: The Youth Curling Coordinator will be primarily responsible for coordinating and facilitating the Bantam and Little Rocks curling programs at East St. Paul Curling Club and assist with the Junior Inter-club development program. This is a seasonal position from October – March.
Hours of Work: Sundays 12:30 – 4:30 pm (hours may change slightly to accommodate league times)
Salary Range: $23 – $25 per hour.
 Must have or be willing to complete Club Coach or Competition Coach Level 1 course;
 Good communication and organizational skills;
 Experience working with youth;
 Knowledgeable about the sport of curling;
 Energetic, enthusiastic and interested in developing young curlers and promoting the sport of curling.
1. Supervise and lead on-ice program and provide on-ice behaviour management.
2. Provide on-ice instruction and support as required.
3. Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the curling development program.
4. Plan and coordinate a training session for on-ice parent volunteers.
5. Other activities working with the youth curling program as required.
Please submit cover letter and résumé by email to:
East St. Paul Youth Curling
email: [email protected]
Closing Date: September 9th, 2022


Fort Garry Curling Club – Try Curling – Not just for Olympians!


  1. For anyone

Curling is one of the most inclusive sports out there. You can play in a wheelchair, you can play if you’re visually or hearing impaired, you can play if you’re 90, and you can play if you’re five. There’s such a big age range in curling that little kids can use special lighter rocks until they get big enough to push the granite monsters. You also don’t have to be able to run 10 miles without breaking a sweat in order to play—although being physically fit is definitely a benefit. Both throwing and sweeping can get pretty intense. Curling teams can be all men, all women, or mixed.

  1. Curling is inexpensive

No crazy pads, no skates, no helmets—just some basic gear and a membership to a curling league or club, and you’ve got yourself a super-fun sport. Chances are, you can play for a lot less than an annual gym membership. Just be warned: you can blow your budget pretty easily buying rounds for the other team after a match.

  1. It’s great for your mind

Curling is all about strategy and precision—in fact, its nickname is “chess on ice.” Although you can learn to play in a couple of hours, curlers spend years learning to read the ice, evaluate the other team’s play, and make decisions accordingly. Plus, you’ll get some good practice in focusing and being mindful. As one curler puts it, “Whether it’s on sweeping, or watching a line, or letting your legs remember what the weight feels like as you slide out—you think about one thing. And for a bit, everything else melts away.”

  1. Curling is a ridiculously social sport

Good sportsmanship is key in curling—sweepers are expected to call their own infraction when they burn, or touch, a stone, for example. So while there’s definitely rivalry and competition, it’s also expected that curlers will be friendly and courteous, even if they’re losing badly. Also, getting a beer or coffee with the opposing team after the game is pretty much required, so you’re guaranteed to make friends whether you want to or not.

  1. How?

Email the club and we will get you started.    [email protected]

Check out our web site at


Member Clubs

Clearwater Curling Club

For sale from Clearwater Curling Club – Rink Master Ice Scraper – Comes with 2 – four foot blades and cord.  Phone:  204-825-7166


Oakville Curling Club – Ice Plant for Sale – MAKE US AN OFFER (May 2020)

Oakville Curling Rink purchased this plant from Wildewood Curling Club in 2016 – purchased for $7000.00 plus GST.  Had CIMCO disassemble and winterize at a cost of $12000.00 plus taxes.  Ice Plant has been stored inside for the past year.  We recently found out that it is not going to work for our Curling Club. Packaged and ready to sell.

The Ice plant consists of:

1.  Compressor (Trane) 50 HP approximately W2′ X L6′
2.  Extra compressor for parts approximately W2′ X L3′
3.  Brine Pump 7.5 HP approximately W2′ X L5′
4.  Chiller approximately L7′ X W2′
5.  High Pressure Receiver (black cylinder) approximately H4′ X W16′
6.  Cumulator and Freon detector (wall mounted equipment)
7.  Condensor (Blanchard-Ness) approximately L14.5′ X W4′ (Mounted on roof)
8.  Brine Tank
If interested or need more information, please contact Karen at 204-267-2783 or email:  [email protected]




US Area



Member Clubs



Looking for used stones for one outdoor curling sheet in Crescentwood, Winnipeg.  Anyone with used rocks for sale please contact John Minkevich ([email protected], 204-430-6343).


US Clubs/Area

Starting a curling club in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA – we need rocks for 4 sheets. This will be arena curling. Used rocks would help with start-up cost. Anyone with used rocks for loan or sale please contact Frank Worden 612-961-9615 (Equipment Chairman, Brainerd Lakes Curling Association)

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Fort Garry Curling Club – Immediate

Kitchen operator/caterer wanted

Email interest to:  [email protected]

Or call  Ed 204-955-1364


Stonewall Curling Club is looking for a new icemaker for the 2022-2023 curling season, to start this September.

Please contact Stu Brown (204) 223-8468 or [email protected] if interested

Effective June 15, 2022
The Fort Rouge Curling Club (FRCC) is looking to fill its Club Manager position.
Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Club Manager will be responsible for day to day club operations including, but not limited to the building, ice, lounge, cleaning, security and supervision of staff. The Manager will operate and maintain the curling club in accordance with the guidelines established by the Board of Directors of the curling club. The primary responsibilities of the FRCC manager will be managing staff, operations and revenue generation activities including facility rentals and advertising.
While responsibilities cover the full year, the seasonal nature of the business of the FRCC requires the Manager to work a flexible and variable schedule, depending on the time of year. The position also requires the manager to check on the building, and maintain specific administration aspects of the curling club during the off season from May 1 – July 31.
The role of Club Manager is considered a full-time seasonal position. From August 1 through April 30 it is expected that the manager will work a minimum of 30 hours per week. During summer (May 1 – July 31), it is expected that the manager will work a minimum of 8 – 12 hours per week (i.e., be available at the club two half days per week).
• To work with the Board of Directors to manage day-to-day operations of the FRCC;
• Mandatory attendance at monthly board meetings;
o Prepare a monthly report that provides an overview of club operations and identifies issues that require the boards attention;
• To continuously evaluate operations of the club to make appropriate recommendations to the board for any improvements and changes to the curling club;
• To identify new sources of revenue/fund raising opportunities, as well as other uses of the facility;
• To collaborate with the ice maker to ensure a high quality ice surface;
• To work with the kitchen operator to ensure their needs and the clubs needs are being met;
o Ensures that kitchen operator is aware of any upcoming events;
• To have a flexible weekly schedule in order to meet the needs of the members, this may include evenings and weekends and attendance/participation at special events;
o Respond to member and non-member inquiries about the club and its activities; and
• Perform assigned duties as determined by the Board of Directors.
• Responsible for all aspects of the physical club and property management. This includes but is not limited to the ice, ice barn, general building, and general property of the FRCC;
o Ensures all required equipment, necessary to the operation of the FRCC is maintained and in good working order;
o Purchase supplies required for the day-to-day operation of the club (Bar, Lounge, Change rooms, Washrooms)
• Provide regular updates (as required) to the Board of Directors. This may include but is not limited to ice rentals, staffing, bar and inventory control, condition of the facility, and security of the curling club;
o Consults with the Board of Directors on all required repairs, improvements, initiatives, or projects;
• Responsible for all aspects of inventory control. This includes but is not limited to lounge products and supplies, ice management supply inventory, and the club’s lockers;
o Validate invoices for goods and services and prepare cheques for payment;
o Responsible for regularly updating inventory and comparing with sales;
o Responsible for lounge product pricing;
• Manage online payment process;
• Responsible for operation and maintenance of the security cameras, in-house TV’s, POS system and on ice cameras;
• Responsible for ensuring the FRCC meets any regulatory needs of all governing jurisdictions. This will include any permits or other compliancy requirements. Ensure that:
o Manitoba Health & Safety and MLCC rules and regulations are followed;
o Work Place Health and Safety Inspections are completed;
o The FRCC insurance policy is renewed and up to date;
• Responsible as the primary contact for alarm company call-outs;
o May need to respond to alarm calls on weekends or week nights;
• Responsible as the lead on sponsorship, advertising, and fundraising opportunities that are available to the FRCC;
• Responsible for researching grant options, preparing application packages for submission (as approved by the Board), prepare progress reports, and final claim reports;
• Responsible for establishing all membership and rental rates for the upcoming season; the Board of Directors will provide feedback and approve;
• To request estimates for required work projects;
• With assistance from the board of directors, expected to lead the annual membership process for all FRCC leagues (mixed and open nighttime leagues) including the rental leagues;
o To assist in league promotion and marketing; the goal is to fill all available spots in our leagues;
o To prepare ice and cost allocation agreements for each of the rental leagues;
• Expected to manage the club’s website;
o Expected to keep an up to date log of ice availability (online);
• Expected to assist with all aspects of club communications, including but not limited to the club’s online and social media presence;
o To prepare a Rouge news-letter to update FRCC members after every monthly board meeting; and
• To prepare mixed and open leagues schedules and standings;
o Communicate with mixed and open leagues team representatives.
• Provide management and people leadership;
o Responsible for managing all staff (bar, cleaning, ice) employed by the FRCC;
o Responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and terminating staff in consultation with the Board of Directors;
o As needed, act as bartender for low volume sales periods and/or in emergency or special situations;
• Develop work schedules, set rates of pay, provide job descriptions, administer club policies, and complete staff payroll (with the boards approval);
• Complete bi-weekly payroll; and
• Assist all staff to ensure the highest quality of service is provided to the FRCC members and guests.
• Responsible for all aspects of internal cash controls. This includes but is not limited to all banking needs of the FRCC, daily cash and credit processing, payables and receivables, membership transactions, and monthly and ad-hoc reporting;
o It is expected that cheques will be deposited at the end of each week;
• Financial reports prepared for the monthly board meetings will include, but not be limited to:
o Daily Lounge Sales Reports;
o Membership (Cash and Cheque) Payment Reports as required;
o Membership and Bonspiel (Online) Payment reports monthly;
o Lounge Debit/Credit Payments Report monthly; and
o Any ad-hoc report required to support the duties of the Manager or the Board of Directors.
• Responsible for submitting all financial reports to the bookkeeper and the FRCC Treasurer monthly, prior to the monthly board meeting;
• Expected to assist the FRCC Treasurer in preparing the annual budget as well as any reporting needs for the Annual General Meeting and Semi-Annual General Meeting; and
• Expected to assist the FRCC Treasurer in compiling year end data for the Annual General Meeting Treasurer’s Report and to assist the auditors as required.
General Miscellaneous Duties:
• To work with the Board of Directors in establishing and maintaining an annual calendar;
• Lead the booking of all special events hosted by the FRCC;
• Maintain productive relationships with Curl Manitoba, Curling Canada, the Association of Winnipeg Curling Clubs, Winnipeg Curling Club Managers and established ice technicians in the Curling Canada program;
• Represent the FRCC at the Association of Winnipeg Curling Club meetings; and
• Perform other related duties consistent with the position as assigned by the Board.
• 45,000 – 53,000 annually depending on qualifications
Please send your cover letter and resume to Cam Barth ([email protected]) before the closing date of May 18, 2022 (16:00 CST).

Riverview Curling Club – Club Manager

Position: Club Manager – Riverview Curling Club – Permanent Full Time

We are looking for a motivated individual to manage the business and facility operations of the Riverview Curling Club. We are a four-sheet facility with kitchen and banquet amenities.

The Club is seeking a full-time Club Manager.  There is an expectation of increased availability during the curling season (September to April) and less during the off-season. The Manager will be expected to manage their own schedule as needs dictate, but will allow for flexible hours (including some evenings and weekends)


  • provide management and leadership to Board members, curlers, renters etc.
  • budgeting, forecasting and business planning
  • market all aspects of the Club, including curling and banquet activities
  • manage website and social media
  • configure and manage the registration system and payment process
  • maintain the financial viability of the Club through cost control and revenue generation
  • provide excellent service to current members, while also attracting new members
  • report to the Board of Directors monthly
  • ensure the Club maintains up-to-date policies and procedures
  • ensure that there is clear responsibility and accountability for all club activities
  • manage and hire staff as needed (bar, security, cleaning etc.)
  • purchase supplies for day-to-day operations

 Required Education or Experience:

  •  Degree/Diploma in Business, Marketing or Recreation or combination of education and/or experience would be an asset
  • small business management, human resources, and financial management
  • membership service, including good communications and interpersonal skills, with a proven track record of customer service
  • knowledge of curling would be an asset
  • knowledge of applicable laws and regulations (e.g., Liquor Laws, Health and Safety, operational permits) would be an asset

Salary range is commensurate with education and experience.

All information submitted will be strictly confidential and only those selected for further
consideration will be contacted.

Submit resume and cover letter to:

COVID-19 considerations:
The Riverview Curling Club follows all COVID-19 protocols as recommended by our local public health unit and the Government of Manitoba.



Ice Maintenance Assistant Supervisor

The Brandon Curling Club is a busy 8 sheet curling facility located in the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba.

We are seeking to fill the position of an Ice Maintenance Assistant Supervisor.  This seasonal position runs from September until mid-to-end of March.

Qualifications for this position:

  • Able to work with a team and independently
  • Must have some mechanical background
  • Must have the ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Ice Maintenance/making experience an asset
  • Available for morning, evening, and weekend shifts
  • Supervisory experience an asset
  • Previous scheduling experience an asset.
  • Past Volunteer recruitment an asset.


  • Learn and help with all aspects of ice installation, and ice upkeep
  • Learn daily ice maintenance routines (re: ice scraping, pebbling)
  • Ensure all ice maintenance staff are following procedures
  • Ensure proper communication with staff and office manager
  • Prepare and help schedule ice maintenance staff
  • Help Oversee proper cleaning practices
  • General upkeep during the season and closing of the facility in the spring.

For more information or to submit your resume, please contact:

Crystal Lawson, Manager
(204) 726-3560
[email protected]